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  • Ivy mesmerized the bandit to destroy his balls

Custom clip request 

I'd like to get a price and production time on a kick in the balls clip. Just 10 minutes. I was thinking of using Ivy but any of your girls who enjoy ballbusting will work. One male actor and can wear a mask. I want him to wear light colored pants. The girl can wear whatever she likes from waiste up.as lomg as it's dark colored. Legs should be black hose and black mules like you wore when you kicked Fat Joe in the balls. It would be nice if her toes were painted red but that's not crucial. Scene is in the open room you used when you made batgirl kicks balls. Ivy is sitting in a chair with her legs crossed when a guy comes in wearing a mask. He tells her he's going to rob her and then have fun with her. She warns him the only thing he'll get from her is sore balls. He laughs and advances. When he gets close enough She tries to kick him in the balls. he is of course ready for that and he blocks her kick. This results in her high heel shoe flying off her foot and hitting him in the balls. He bends over and starts to fall but catches himself and he puts his hands on his thighs to help him stand up straight. She watches him slowly rise for a few seconds then kicks him in the balls with her stocking foot. This should be toes into his groin and she keeps them there for a second or so. She removes her foot and he hits his knees in front of her. She takes out a charm and swings in back and forth in front of his eyes to mesmerize him. She tells him he is going to stand there and let her kick him. No matter how much it hurts he can't fall down. She orders him to put her shoe back on her foot and stand up. She kicks him five times in a row in the balls. I want the kicks to be toe first with full leg extension. I'll include a couple of example pics. She should use the ballet toe pointed foot she shows off so well to kick him as much as possible. She has beautiful high kicks that she can use occasionally but mainly kicks should be in the balls. At some point in the clip I want her to tell him she's going to kick him in the face so he puts his hands up. She kicks him the balls instead and says,missed. For the last two minutes, I want her to take her shoes off and kick with her stocking feet. She will sit on the floor in front of him and drive her toes into his groin. This would be the same motion as a stomp but striking with toes rather than the heel. This should be mixed with regular kicks. She goes back to sit in the chair and the guy stands in front of her as he was when he first came in. She tells him when she snaps her fingers he will come out of the trance and remember none of it. She snaps her fingers and kicks him in the balls at the same time. Shoes on for final kick. He falls to the floor and she casually walks out. Most important aspect is that she kicks toe first and leaves her foot in contact for a little longer than she needs to. I'd like as many close ups as possible.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ivy mesmerized the bandit to destroy his balls

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