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  • Carol makes her slave fulfill her wishes. POV

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Carol is my bully, who has me so afraid of her that she's in complete control

Carol arrives in casual clothes and she should act cruel and arrogant towards the viewer. 

"Hey loser... Did you miss your owner being away?.. yeah?.. aww my poor little slave, if only you were equal to me, instead of being a pathetic worm.... Oh by the way, I stole this ring.. which apparently grants 3 wishes, but you can't use it on yourself.. soooo.. do you want to be a good slave?

No? Okay I'll convince you"

Carol spends 3 minutes slapping, kicking, and beating the viewer.

"Are you ready to be a good boy and obey me? Yeah? Okay let's put the ring on you, now..." Carol puts the ring on, and keeps a hand on "the viewers neck".

"So.. I want you to obey and wish for what I want, don't even think about saying something different or I'll break your neck... First I went you to wish that I had an unlimited number magic wishes.. Do it... Good boy.. next, wish that I have superpowers... Yeah... Go on slave.. do it... Yes!!!... And lastly.. wish that I can't be destroyed.. oh yeah.."

Carol does not show any friendliness or kindness to the viewer and immediately changes her appearance with a click of her fingers and an SFX change. She then attacks the viewer brutally with punches and kicks, taunting and finishing them multiple times, and clearly enjoying being evil. This should be completely one sided (like with the Valerie customs).

Sometime around the 10 minute mark I would also like to see Carol knock the viewer down and begin cruelly breaking the viewers fingers (off camera), ribs (as per the previous clip).

Finally she will leave the viewer alive, taunting that she's going to go see her boyfriend (and flies away).

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol makes her slave fulfill her wishes. POV

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