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  • Gerda. After the Fight

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It’s a direct continuation of „Gerda proves that her dojo is the best”. The same outfit. Language Russian.

After defeating the karate guy, Gerda is now alone in the dojo. She was victorious but she took some hard punches and was knocked down during the fight. Now that the adrenaline of fighting has washed away, she starts to feel the effects. 

She clutches her abdomen and moans in pain. She leans against the wall, moaning “The guy was tougher than I thought. Mmmmm, He really gave me some good punches”.

Her partner from the dojo walks in (this can be a guy of your choice, but of course not the one she’s already fought). He sees Gerda leaning on the wall in pain. “What happened?” he asks. Gerda: “I fought  a karate guy. I won of course.” She moans again. “But he somehow managed to injure you” says the man. Gerda looks embarrassed. She turns her face away in shame. “Yes. He got lucky.” says Gerda. “Or you got too cocky like always” says the man. “Let me help you.”

Gerda feels dizzy from the pain and falls on the guy. He catches her and cradle carries her in the centre of the dojo and gently lays her down. Gerda moans and whimpers in pain on the ground, arches her back and slides her feet on the mat while pressing her hands against her belly (VERY IMPORTANT. Please repeat it throughout. Gerda’s writhing should be sensual and her moans and whimpers like in Gerda as policewoman against the little man at the start of the video).

“It starts to really hurt now” she gasps. “Please. Aaah! Make it go away…” “I have a lotion that will ease your pain and help heal your injuries.” says the man and goes to get the lotion. Gerda writhes and whimpers again. “You have to remove your outfit” says the man. Gerda tries to remove her gi but every movement is painful and she can’t her belt off. “You have to help me.” says the injured karate girl. So the man helps her. He removes her gi very slowly with little help from the girl who can only whimper.

When the gi is off, the man starts rubbing the lotion in  (it can be for example sun tan). He rubs it from the lower ribs to lower abdomen. When he touches the lower ribs, Gerda screams in pain really loud a few times. “I think he broke one of your ribs.” Gerda almost cries but chokes her tears. “Poor baby, all is going to be well” he says. He continues rubbing the lotion while Gerda writhes and whimpers.

When he is done, he holds the karate girl in his arms. Her moans and whimpers become quieter. “I can’t believe I let this guy do this to me” she says quietly. “I shouldn’t have shown so much weakness but my belly just hurt so much…”. She says embarrassed. “Come! You need to rest. I’ll carry you to your room.” He lifts her off and cradle carries her away.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda. After the Fight

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