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  • Agents Melanie and Rhea interrogate the prisoner

This clip a new with some of the same key features as "Agents: The Interrogation":

-two girls interrogate a spy for information. At the end, they finish him.

-one girl does mots of the dirty work for a while the other looks on, supervising. The second girl then joins in and they beat him up together.

-the girls should be very sadistic. The girls really enjoy their work, and it show. -the man suffers terribly, he screams, moans in pain and bleeds. 

-the girls pretend to have sympathy for him as they beat him.

The new video would differ from the old one in the following way:

-outfits: when the video starts, the girl doing the beating is wearing a black leotard and black tights, exactly like Ivy in the custom you just did for me. (Dark black, very opaque). The other woman is wearing business-like clothes.

-halfway through the video, the girl in he business clothes removes her outfit in front of the victim. Underneath, she is wearing the exact same black leotard and tights as the other girl. 

-there should be more scissoring and choking than in the old Agents video, and less punching and kicking. Some kicking is good. But instead of punching, the girls should slap him, including back-of-hand slaps-- this is very feminine!

-The story ends with a neckbreak of the victim. When that happens, the girls seem to be sexually excited, but also like they are holding back from orgasming. 

-After they leave his body on the floor, they hug each other and walk out the room arm-in-arm, suggesting that beating their victim has served as a kind of foreplay for them.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agents Melanie and Rhea interrogate the prisoner

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