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  • Valerie and Mabel demonstrate their kicks. POV

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The viewer (POV) is dating Valerie, who is a secret agent. She wears a crop top and leather skirt, white panties. She demonstrates some karate kicks towards the camera (1-2 mins) and then puts on a pair of black pantyhose (I would prefer one with pattern or seams if she has one - sheer if possible) and continues to demonstrate different kicks for (1-2 mins) and raises her feet to place them on the camera. Then she puts on a pair of high boots and kicks towards camera for another 1-2 mins, kisses the camera and cartwheels away. 

Cut to the viewer (POV) who is also dating Mabel, wearing a casual dress or skirt. Viewer tells Mabel to kick him, she demonstrates some kicks towards the camera (1-2 min). She puts on a pair of black pantyhose and continues kicking (1-2 min) and places her feet on camera lens. She then puts on boots, kicks for 1-2 mins and Valerie cartwheels in (same secret agent costume as before). Valerie asks the viewer who Mabel is, and Mabel pushes and kicks Valerie. 

The two girls fight with high kicks, punches, foot chokes and grappling moves such as headscissor, armbar, schoolgirl pin and smother. Fight lasts for 5 mins, but they are evenly matched. 

Valerie catches Mabel in a headscissor, but Mabel says "do you know who the real traitor is?" and points at the camera. Valerie stops, and turns on the viewer with high kicks. Mabel also joins to deliver high kicks to the camera (about 2-3 mins total). The two women take off their boots, kick the viewer down to the floor, and take turns applying headscissors (front and reverse) while the other places feet into camera lens. They push the viewer against the wall and Valerie says, "since you like our feet so much, we will use them to finish you) and both girls stomp camera a few times, and end video by putting both pairs of feet on camera.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Valerie and Mabel demonstrate their kicks. POV

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