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Storyline is Mabel is a Policewoman, goes in to arrest 2 thugs with a g... She gets cocky and instead of tying them up, invites them to have a fight. She was easily beating them until they discovered a weakness in Mabel – her lower stomach.

Mabel sneaks into the thugs lair with a shooter in hand, and surprises the 2 thugs, who raises their hands in fear.

Mabel gets cocky and gives them a chance to fight her, if they win, she can let them go. She puts away her shooter to make the fight fair.

The 2 thugs throws punches and kicks at Mabel, hitting her head, stomach. Mabel lets them hit her around. She lets out some sounds / grunts as she gets hit, but she is nonetheless unhurt and unfazed.

“My body is well trained to absorb such weak hits from you guys” says Mabel as she retaliates and beats both to the ground.

Mabel got careless while punching one thug… the other thug was crouching low near her and throws a few hard punches at Mabel’s lower stomach (It’ll be below the buckle of the jeans, somewhere around the zipper area).

Mabel’s expression changes. She is surprised at how much it hurts. She stopped hitting the thug and staggers back, holding her stomach, letting out sounds of hurt. (Camera to focus on her expression)

The two thugs looked at each other. “So, you do have a weakness bitch!”. They poised to attack again.

Mabel struggles to put up a fight stance and face them.

A new round of fight begins. With knowledge of where is Mabel’s weakness, the thugs exploits this and focuses on it. Mabel struggles to defend herself as the 2 thugs pleasure themselves with getting a revenge. (This goes for a few minutes, many hits and kicks at lower stomach and sometimes crotch hits)

Mabel looks for her shooter and tries to get it back to subdue the thugs. The thugs noticed what she is trying and snatches up the shooter.

One thug points the shooter at Mabel and orders her to put her hands at her sides and not to defend. The other thug gives Mabel a hard kick to her crotch, causing her to reel back in pain. They continue to order her not to defend and gives Mabel punches, jabs and kicks to her weak areas areas. (Continue for a few minutes, thugs taking turns to hold the shooter and attack her) Mabel lets out sounds of pain, and starts to beg for them to stop.

One them puts Mabel into a Boston Crab hold. While the other drops the g.. and attack at Mabel’s unprotected crotch. Mabel screams in pain.

Mabel see that they are no longer holding the g.. and strikes back. She kicks off one thug, and squeezes the other thug’s neck with her thighs to choke him out. The thug starts to lose consciousness.

However, the other thug comes to his aid and together, they pry Mabel’s legs open and pulls/ stretches her legs wide apart, beyond Mabel’s limits. Mabel begs for mercy as she could not reach the thugs. The 2 thugs continue to over-stretch Mabel's legs apart and at the same time hits at Mabel’s weak spots. Finally a “crack” sound is heard. Somewhere, Mabel’s hip must have given way. Mabel opens her mouth wide in pain and slowly lose consciousness, with her eyes wide open.

The thugs position Mabel in a spread-eagle position, punches her a few times but seeing that she is no longer responding, left her. Camera zooms in to Mabel’s face and body.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel's weakness

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