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  • Evil Goddesses Gerda and Naomi play with their Victims

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Noami and also maybe Gerda can do what Naomi did in Evil Goddess Naomi where she crushed some victim with her boobs I loved it and want at least Naomi if not Gerda too go crush victims with their boobs and want her and Gerda to do the same in this script too like Naomi did in her evil Goddess one but as much as I loved her crushing him and choking him with her boobs and her sexy taunting and flaunting asking he he liked the view of what the saw while she was being flirty and sexy and flipping her hair and smiling laughing evil and saying that it and her and her boobs would be the last thing he saw, but still want the crushing victims with their boobs as they laugh evil and sadistically ala Evil Goddess Naomi!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Evil Goddesses Gerda and Naomi play with their Victims

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  • Product Length: 19 minutes
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