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  • Megan has just gained superpowers to eliminate ex-boyfriend

Custom clip request 

Megan is my ex girlfriend who has just gained superpowers. I'm the first person she's come to target.

Megan should arrive and she should act cruel and angry towards the viewer. 

"Hey... Did you miss me after our break up?.. yeah?.. you still love me too I bet.... Oh of course you do, pathetic loser... Why am I being so mean and dressed this way? Because the partner I left you for went and made me a real life superwoman... And so after rewarding them for being the best partner I could ever want... I decided I needed to test my powers on someone......"

Megan then attacks the viewer brutally with punches and kicks, taunting them and clearly enjoying causing the person she hates pain. This should be completely one sided (like with the Valerie customs).

Sometime around the 8 to 10 minute mark I would also like to see Megan knock the viewer down and begin cruelly breaking the viewers fingers (off camera), ribs, etc.

Finally she will finish the viewer with heat vision SFX.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Megan has just gained superpowers to eliminate ex-boyfriend

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