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  • The mount punching competition. Mabel vs Rob

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Scenario 1:

Rob and Mabel are found lying on the floor. They both wake up at the same time, not knowing what has happened. They participated in a contest to win money, but they did not remember how they got there. They feel weak and dizzy. They read a card on the ground and have to decide whether to share the prize or fight and the winner gets the prize. If they walk out the door together, they will share the prize. They decide to share the prize, but as Rob heads out the door, Mabel betrays him and kicks him in the balls. Rob falls to his knees and Mabel knees Rob in the face several times(10 sec) until Rob falls flat on his back and Mabel mounts on top of him and punches him in the face a lot(20 sec). Rob pushes her away and Rob, tired, crawls to the wall and sits with his back against the wall. Mabel, tired too, crawls over to Rob and mounts on top of him, she punches him a lot in the face(20 sec) and suffocates him with her tits(15 sec). Rob reacts and punches Mabel, Rob gets up and picks up Mabel, supports Mabel against the wall and punches her in the face and in her gut(15 sec). He pushes Mabel to the ground and Rob mounts on top of her and punches her in the face as Mabel yells for her to stop but Rob keeps punching her until she is KO'd(20 sec). Rob walks out the door and into a room with a bed. On the bed there is a letter that says: "Congratulations on the victory. Now rest." Rob lies down on the bed and falls asleep.

Scenario 2:

Rob wakes up. Mabel is mounting on top of him. Mabel says, "Good morning, enjoying the prize?" Rob replies "What are you doing here?" Mabel punches him in the face many times(30 sec) until Rob bleeds. Rob gets angry and answers her by punching her in the gut and in her face. Mabel also bleeds a little from her mouth. This angers Mabel and she slaps Rob's face hard several times(20 sec). Mabel gets up and says to Rob: "Come on, get up, we have the Boxing test." Rob gets up weak and as he puts on his boxing gloves, he reads a letter that says: "Next test: Boxing, crush your opponent. Whoever counts to 10 wins." Mabel and Rob start to fight. Mabel pushes Rob against the ropes, causing Rob to interlock his arms with the ropes, and punches him in the face(20 sec). Rob reacts and they switch places, now Mabel is on the ropes and it is Rob who punches her in the face(10 sec). Rob pushes Mabel to the ground, causing her to fall to the ground KO. Rob tells Mabel to get up but Mabel is still lying on her back on the floor in pain. Rob mounts on top of her and every punch he throws at her makes her count(10 sec). When the count reaches 9, Rob gets up and drinks a glass of water because he wants to keep fighting. But what he does with that glass of water is weaken him and little by little he falls to the ground, while Mabel wakes up. Mabel now attacks Rob with kicks to him body(10 sec) until Rob falls on his back and she mounts on top of Rob and punches him in the face saying "do you like this"?(15 sec). After several punches, she now punches but counting to 10(10 sec). Mabel wins the boxing match. Before Mabel gets up, she takes off her boxing gloves and slaps Rob face hard several times(10 sec) to wake him up for the last test.

Scenario 3:

Mabel and Rob read the last letter, where it says "Endurance test: The winner of the boxing test will start by punching his opponent until he gives up. If he doesn't give up for a while, it will be his turn to punch." Mabel pushes Rob against the wall. Rob stands on the wall with his arms up and Mabel punches him in the gut and knees him in the gut(20 sec). Then Mabel pushes Rob to the ground and scissor him with his ass(like image8)(15 sec), then scissor him with his legs(like image9)(15 sec) and grapevine him(like image10)(15 sec). Mabel mounts on top of Rob and punches him in the gut as she says "Surrender"(20 sec). Rob keeps holding on until the time runs out and says "Now it's my turn." Rob, with Mabel on top of him, punches Mabel in the gut several times(20 sec). Mabel hurts a lot from the blows and reacts with cheats by punching Rob in the face(20 sec) and then Mabel puts her hands on Rob's neck to choke him(10 sec) until Rob and Mabel smell gas and Rob falls asleep and Mabel falls asleep mounting on top of him.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The mount punching competition. Mabel vs Rob

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