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  • Carol arrests the burglar using her legs

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Carol is an undercover police woman making an arrest on a known criminal. She wears the same dress in Agent Lesley Part 1. No stockings. Bare shiny legs+feet and high heel mules or Eriny wears mules. Sven will wear sweatpants,t-shirt and mask. Large bulge in the groin area.

No ankle straps. Close ups of her face, cleavage, legs, and heels throughout. Some makeup on her face. Don't wear anything around your neck. No gloves. There is dialogue mentioned in the script. Feel free to add more to it.

Scene 1: She is sorting his stuff. The camera moves with him behind her. He grabs her and she escapes and knees him in the balls. He falls and spreads eagle in pain from the hard knee. When he tries to get up she kicks him in the face. He was on his back in frame with Carol's high heel resting on his belly. Her arch is facing the camera. It is a close shot. Her ankle is at the top of the screen. The top of his belly is visible at the bottom of the screen. The camera pans up revealing her shiny legs. Stops at her face.

Then it is repeated from man's POV. The camera gets to her waist, a shot of the man's face. Keeps going up to her cleavage, shot of man's face. Repeat shots of cleavage and man's face. Then the man looked up further. Immediate POV shot of her face smiling at him. She says. "I'm here to arrest you big guy."

He stands up and steps back from her. Camera has her leg in the foreground with him in the background. He gets ready to fight her. She laughs at him. He keeps acting like he's about to attack her but backs up instead. She says "Maybe you should just surrender." He tries to punch her. He misses. She dodges. He tries again and again. He pretends to punch in slow motion and she casually moves her head. He tries again.

She finally moves from that position and stands in front of him. She raises her leg forward and rests her heel in his crotch to set up a kick to his groin. He can't move. Still tries to move her foot but misses. As she steps back from her foot in aim to her foot back on the floor ready to kick him hard in the balls. She kicks him 6 times in the balls while he is still standing against the wall. Then slides down to his but spread eagle and she walks between his legs and kicks him 4 more times.

She walks away and sits in a chair and crosses her legs. He runs at her in rage. She pushes him away with her foot. He falls and spreads eagle. She walks over between his legs and starts punching his face and kicking him in the balls. She knees him in the face as well. Same way she fights Agent Lesley. She is very relaxed about it because she is very fast compared to him.

He starts to look worn out. She lifts him up with one hand, holding him for a long time. Then walks to the wall with him. She chops him in his head,neck and arms. Then speed punches him in the belly. Follow with a swilling double axe handle punch in the balls.

She drops him. He just goes weak and falls forward to the floor. He rolls over to his back. She sits on him and punches his face until he stops moving.

She gets up off him sensually."you are now under arrest" (POV of her face when saying line) She blows kisses. She stands with her heels between his legs, a very close camera from behind. Close up of heels touching between his legs slightly. Same as before, the camera pans up her body to her face, and cuts to the man on the floor.

She kicks his inward thighs to wake him up. He is still on the floor but moaning in pain now. She brings the chairs closer between his legs. She sits down and puts her heels up on his belly. She pulls out handcuffs and looks at them and then him on the floor under her heels.

Her legs are visible in the foreground with a thug under her heels. Switch legs after a while. Rub legs with hands or rubs legs together. Closeups of her highheels, legs, feet, breasts and face. Include foreground angles.

Closeups of her face smiling and not smiling throughout the scene. Camera fades out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol arrests the burglar using her legs

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