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  • Rob interrogates Ariel using different backbreaking holds
Custom cli request 
The story is the following : Ariel is a professional thief.  She has been captured by a gang because she tried to steal them. In the story context, the video begins after two hours of interrogation from Rob.
The video opens with Ariel handcuffed in AOH position (Exactly as the photo "Opening scene") and Rob punching her in the belly very quickly (as with a punching ball).
After 30-40 seconds of belly punching, Rob asks another time to Ariel who who hired her. Ariel still refuses to say who hired her.
Rob says "ok I don't want to waste my time anymore. Let's go for the next step"
Then Rob remove Ariel's handcuff and begins to make the below backbreaking wrestling moves to Ariel to capture her with the following order :
- Scene n°1
- Scene n°2
- Scene n°3
- Scene n°4
- Scene n°5
- Scene n°6
- Scene n°7
- Scene n°8
- Scene n°9
During the moves, Rob will say the following :
"Talk or I'll finish you"
"Who it is ?"
"Are you still resisting ?"
"I will break you in half"
"Do you steal feel your bones ?"
Ariel will always refuse to talk the name and says no to the guy. I have no special dialogue here. Ariel will show the impression she is in deep pain in her face but she will moan only and not scream a lot. Ariel is supposed to be a trained girl so she has to show she is resisting to the pain.
For the scene n°9, Ariel will be knocked after a big cracking sound. Rob will take his phone and say, she is tough, I guess a second session will be necessary" and the video ends there
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rob interrogates Ariel using different backbreaking holds

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