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  • Kyle impresses his girlfriend with his superpowers

Custom clip request 

The girl can wear a nice sexy dress.

The guy has to wear a tight white singlet.

The singlet has to be tucked into his tight pants.

The characters are Connor and Lana.

(Connor and Lana are walking through a park).

(Film from behind them for several seconds head to toe.)

They stop and turn to one another.

Lana :  Connor, I love you and I constantly worry about the savages in the research institute.

Connor:  They won't ever get hold of me Lana, I'm invincible.

Lana: Your powers are incredible but I'm concerned one day they'll find a way to capture you and conduct sinister experiments on you.

Connor: I'd like to see them try.

Nothing can get pass me.

(Next minute a shooter is poking out of a bush and fires several shots at Connor.

Lana screams and staggers to the side and watches the bullets bounce off of Connor's face, chest and groin area.

We hear the sounds of bullets bouncing off of steel. He is of course not injured. )

(Connor uses his x-ray vision towards the bush.)

Connor: I can see you!

( He then uses his heat vision towards the bush and they hear a scream, then a sound of running footsteps. )

(You can use the red lasers coming out of his eyes.)

(Lana moves towards Connor wiping off his shirt.)

Lana:  Are you okay my darling?

Connor: Of course! Another day, another attempt from the lab pyschos.

(They continue walking.

The camera is behind them, filming for a few seconds head to toe.)

They stop and turn to one another.

Connor: Lana, I don't think it's for your best interest to be with me outside every day.

Until we destroy the researchers it's not a great idea to be out together

Lana:  I don't care.

I love you and I will be next to you.

Just as long as we're together.

(Next minute we hear a helicopter flying over them.)

Lana: Oh no! Quick Connor run!

It's them!

I recognise their logo!

( She pulls on his arm)

Connor: Not to worry my sweet.

Watch this, it's about to get really windy.

(Connor then blows a long powerful blow of his super breath towards the helicopter.

He is blowing for several seconds.

Lana looks at him while he is blowing and is so amazed.)

(Have a good close up of both Connor and Lana the whole time while he is blowing.

Filming between their chests and  heads.

Please DO NOT use ANY special effects coming out of his mouth when he blows.

Just use a ferocious wind noise .

Again,  DO NOT use any smokey-white effects coming out from his mouth. My opinion of super breath is you hear it but don't see it.)

I like what you did in my 4 other films with the blowing.

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Kyle impresses his girlfriend with his superpowers

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