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  • The bandit chases Mabel to capture her

Custom clip request 

Backstory: 10-min chase/fight custom where Mabel is being hunted/stalked by an unstoppable foe.


Mabel in the red/sky-blue skirt with red side facing out, and in matching sky-blue panties that were sent with the skirt last time.

Thigh-high stockings if available and heels.

Her hair down and curled at the ends, red lipstick.

Mabel in tight-fitting tops with bare midriff (avoid bra-only looks). If you have a silk, satin, or leather top, that would be preferred.

Skirts should be worn at the low waist, below the navel.

Part 1 (2-3 mins): Mabel enters the scene

This scene shows Mabel for the first time. She is moving through the forest and the building, trying to keep herself hidden from a pursuer.

She is tired because she has been chased for some time now and is looking for a place to hide.

You can start the scene by having her running, but have her slow down quickly because she is tired and move more carefully while trying to hide.

Please take the opportunity here to have her climb, crawl, go in/over/around obstacles, and generally get into creative positions for upskirt shots.

Part 2 (2-3 mins): Mabel tries to avoid her foe's grasp

Just when Mabel stops in what she thinks is a safe place, she finds her foe waiting for her.

This portion of the custom is fighting with intent to escape.

Mabel should be trying to run away from her foe, and everytime he catches her, her goal is to break free and get away.

The foe should be portrayed as faster and stronger than Mabel, but toying with her on purpose and letting her break free each time.

Hope to see a scene where the foe grabs her by the leg/heels, makeing her to fall to the ground, and she has to kick them off to escape him.

Part 3 (2-3 mins): Mabel fights for her life.

At this point Mabel realizes that she cannot escape. There should be a solid 2-3 mins of fighting where she gives it everything she has but is eventually defeated.

The foe does not hold back at this point either and his goal is to get her to give up.

Part 4: (1-2 mins): Mabel gives up.

Mabel is exhausted.

Her foe commands her to get on her knees.

Mabel begs her for him to let her go.

He responds by putting her in stranglehold, which eventually knocks her out.

During this final struggle, please have her be kicking really hard and angle the camera so we get a good close-up upskirt shot.

Scene ends with Mabel being carried away.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The bandit chases Mabel to capture her

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