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  • The recruitment of new agent. Ariel

Meet the new girl in my store!

Let me introduce you young but experienced Ariel!

Before to get her first task Ariel need to pass an exam to show that she is trained enough for secret missions. Ariel meets with Sasha - one of my best agents to pass the exam. Sasha comes to the conclusion that new agent is ready to her 1st mission. Ariel gets the task to eliminate the biker gang. She sneaks into their secret lair to find the first scoundrel. Seeing a young, fragile girl who claims that she is here to destroy him and his accomplices, the big guy just laughs. However Ariel launches an attack, and he realized that it's not that easy to deal with her. Then he pulls out a shooter hoping to scare her but Ariel easily knocks the barrel out of his hand.The big guy still has a blade in his pocket but when he finds it on the ground the thug begins to call for help from his friends. Ariel has no more time to mess with him, and she quickly finishes him off by pressing his neck with her foot against the trunk of a tree. The noise of the crowd is heard in the distance but Ariel is ready!

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The recruitment of new agent. Ariel

  • Brand: ARIEL
  • Product Length: 10 minutes
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