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  • Ronda and Sven vs Little Man in Karate Fight

Custom clip request 

Ronda wears the black pantyhose reinforce toes (we always use) in pic.1, and same leotard, plenty of lipsticks (love that).

Also please pull leotard sleeves way down to her hand (as far as it can go close to fingers)

Sven wears judo uniform and military clothes (see script)

As we spoke, very serious angry face, no smiling at all. It is like they are fighting a man not a woman (no mercy).

Scene.1 Ronda and Sven (karate agents) go after little man, Sven in judo uniform

Little man standing in the middle of the room angry has the blade in his and posing great danger. Ronda and Sven walk to the scene with their back to camera in karate pose very carefully to contain him pics2,3 (They slowly walk in karate pose).

They go to each side of him, hands in karate chop very mean look staring at him. He looks at Sven then look the other way at Ronda. They are ready to kill him. Ronda says “you better put your blade down or you will be killed by karate power” He is in very angry killer look says “I will kill you both right here”

While he has the blade pointing at her, she is fully ready for him. She throws a slow hi kicks at him just like pic.4 her previous custom. He gets afraid and decide to go fight with Sven. He pulls the blade at Sven and after a little fight, finally kills him with blade then go to kill Ronda. Ronda throws another hi kick at him pic.4 then karate pose, they circle around each other, she sends another kick like that to confuse him. He is super angry, attacks with a blade she goes side way, karate chops him, repeat couple of times, the blade finally drops, he now attacks her full power, she breaks his shoulder/hand just like pic6,7 except if you can please have both her feet flat on the floor in pic.7 (please try not to put the knee on the floor when breaking his hand, do the best you can). He screams loud and before falls on the floor looks at her leotard body in pic.7 then falls on the floor. Holding his broken hand

She put toes front of his face and stretches her legs grabs his ankle breaks it too, he screams loud watching her toes, his eyes wide open.

She now goes to Sven put toes front of his eyes and check his pulse on the neck, his eyes open asks her to kill him because he is in a lot pain, she goes on top of him and breaks his neck like pic.8, then put it slowly on the floor and right before put it on the floor hold it the for few second so he can look at her toes more before he is KOed. She says “no more pain as you asked for”.

Please have toes very close to his eyes while breaking his neck.

She now leaves the scene (feet left and right) in karate pose, her back to camera with two men looking at her (the location of the two men can be different here, doesn’t matter). She now stops turns around and looks at them both and continues the walk. Please if you can show this from her front too (if enough time left). really like all  men, with her walking out the scene)

Scene.2 Sven in Judo uniform (Ronda/Sven against little man)

Scene starts with a close up, only showing the little man face and her toes in front of his eyes can be seen just like pic.14, Then show her hand karate chop his neck few times like pic.14, you can show different angles too. He goes KOed but eyes wide open looking at her toes. Sven now walks in comes next to them and while she is checking the little man pulse looks up at Sven and with big lips says “I got the last dangerous karate man, he is KOed by karate chops”. (if you can please try not to put her knees on the floor).

She looks at the little man more, then looks up at Sven back and forth. Finally, they both stand up next to him hands over waist both facing the camera looking down at him, her toes next to his eyes.

On the next scene please show them just like pic15, with little man in the middle of the room very angry, looking at them (he is awake now, but can’t move), he is very angry punching the floor the whole time. As she is looking at Sven in pic.15 she says “karate was the only solution here”. Little man keeps looking at them and keeps on punching on the floor and gets more and more angry at her pose. She looks at him too. Now they start the walk just like last custom pic16,17,18, as they walk, she stops and look at the little man few times with focus then looks at Sven and back looking at little man. As they pass him, the little man turns around on floor and follows her moves angry, punching on the floor screaming. They now bow each other like pics 19,20,21,22 with little man looking at them very carefully (love those bows just perfect, please start the bow with pic.19 hands up-love that)

Scene. 3 balcony throw- Sven in Military clothes

She chases Sven up in the balcony, like last custom, he kicks at her during chase she bends miss, please this time show she bends a lot more (her face almost touching the stairs, really like that style bend), they final meet in pic10,11 location. She poses exactly like pic10 (love that pose on the stairs), he try to hit her like pic11, she bends exactly like pic 11 miss. This time she slaps him with back of her hand (where the bones are), please don’t karate chop his neck this time, just slap with back of her hand. Repeat few times.

She now put her right hand behind his neck or head (both facing the camera up there) he is out of balance and with one push can fall down. He now does the same, put his hand on the back of her neck or head to re-gain the balance. They both push hard try to throw the other one down. She turns her face to him they stare at each other very angry.

Finally, she does one hard push (hand behind his head), his head goes forward with power, he loses balance screams loud and dives down. On the resume scene like last custom, he is down on the stairs his hand pointing at her full power in pain. Her hand is stretched at him in karate chop full power with lots of strength (showing him the throw power). She says “welcome to karate club”. She now turns her back to him and bow way down, says again “welcome to karate club”

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda and Sven vs Little Man in Karate Fight

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