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  • Little man overpowered cop Gerda

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Gerda is a well-trained policewoman. One day, Gerda’s sister was captured by a man called “little brother”. The man tells Gerda to come alone, and she must wear high-heeled shoes, black silk stockings and a skirt.

The man wants Gerda to fight against him, if she wins the battle, he will release her sister. But if she loses, he will finish her with a wire. At first, Gerda is confident and she think she can win this fight. But after few kicks and punches from her, she is downwind gradually.

The man suddenly wraps the wire around Gerda’s neck from her back, trying to finish her. Gerda is well-trained policewoman; she is struggling to escape but she cannot. The man is pressling Gerda's neck very hard with his wire. The man pulls Gerda to the ground, Gerda is kicking with her high-heels on (Please do not lose her high heels), breathing hardly. Gerda was finished by the man lastly. She lies on the floor.

Gerda’s dressing: High-heels and black silk stockings, skirt 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Little man overpowered cop Gerda

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