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  • What can happen with the pretty girl if she walks alone

Young pretty girl Mabel was walking along in the forest when she noticed that somebody is following her. She thought that perhaps it was a mistake to walk along wearing such skimpy outfit. She continued her walk when suddenly somebody grabbed her from behind in sleeper hold and started to choke. She managed to break the hold and run away. She thought that she had managed to break away from her pursuer when suddenly realized that he is behind her back. He started to punch her stomach and slap her pretty face but she managed to to escape again by kicking the maniac in the balls. However it made him made. He grabbed her and started to punch her hard. Fight went back and forth until the girl was completely exhausted. Then the pervert grabbed her neck in sleeper hold again and pressed until KOed her. He threw her sexy motionless body on the ground. What he will do with her next?

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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What can happen with the pretty girl if she walks alone

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