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  • Mabel and Carly punish the cleaner

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Clip starts seeing the cleaner cleaning the wall. Near of him he has also a basin.

Carly comes to the room. She checks the wall but the cleaner don't do good job. She starts to scream.

She kicks the basin and tells him that he will be punished , cleaner beg her on his knees and then she starts kicking him mercilessly in face and balls.

After a while as cleaner is lying on the floor holding his balls she phones or calls(whatever you want) Mabel the boss of the room.

Mabel comes to the room walking slowly seeing her ass and listening her high heels. He beg for sorry and not to punish him (photo Beg 1).

Both of them start kicking him many times and stepping over his body. (photo kick) and many other different kicks you want to shoot.

At last Carly tells Mabel to finish the cleaner. Mabel goes and takes the machine g... He beg her not to finish him because he has family but it is too late and she shoots him finishing him off.

After the finishing Carly and Mabel laugh sadisticly and tell each other that cleaner had to be punished hard.After that they step over his body (first Carly and then Mabel) and leave the room walking slowly.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Mabel and Carly punish the cleaner

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