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  • Gerda couldn't cope with Little man

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Gerda is wearing an elegant blouse with a black skirt and black high heels. Black bra and panties. I want the shirt to show her cleavage, it would be better if the bra shaped her cleavage. She has some makeup, especially lipstick. Her hair was loose, better if it was like in "Little man pushes Gerda's stomach". Little man is wearing a hat.

-----------About 2 mins:-------------

Little Man is the boss of the gang, and now he is sitting on the ground with his hands and feet tied. His head was covered.

Then Gerda approached from behind him.

Little Man struggled: "Who are you? You'd better let me go."

Gerda: "What you should be more concerned about is that there are traitors among your brothers."

Little man: "Who is he? I'll give you double the money if you let me go."

Gerda was behind him, kneeling on the ground teasing him. You know, her pose is seductive, her chest rubbing against his hat. She sneered contemptuously: "I heard that you are fierce, I really want to try it."

Little man: "Let go of me, and then I'll prove it to you."

Gerda walks around Little Man and squatted down gracefully in front of him, opening the bag over his head.: "I'm so sorry. But your dear brother has already given money, so..." She didn't notice that he secretly untied the rope. Little Man knocked her down with a punch on her head, and untied the rope on his feet.

She tried to stand up, but was kicked in the stomach by him and fell to the ground.Little Man tried to escape, but was caught by Gerda.

Gerda: "You can't run away."

-------------About 2 mins:----------

Little Man:"No No No,calum down,please…"

Then they start a fight, and mostly Gerda has the advantage(Gerda mainly uses kick attacks, and Little Man defended tenaciously). Little Man was unexpectedly strong, and Gerda was getting tired.

------------About 4 mins:-----------

Realizing that he was dangerous, Gerda tried to keep her distance from Little Man by kicking. Little Man noticed her exhaustion. 

He dodged one of her kicks and rushed up quickly, hugging her tightly. She couldn't break free from his shackles. She tried to grab his arm, but couldn't stop the punches on her belly. His head pressed against her stomach, pushing her until she hit the pillar.

The impact made her stunned, and the little man hugged her and pushed her onto the sofa. She sat there unable to get up and tried to stop but he grab her arm. Then some punches in her stomach.

Gerda pushed Little Man down, stood up and tried to run away, but Little Man twisted her arm and pulled her, then punched her several times in the stomach.

Gerda continues to resist (pulling, tangling, and some punches in Gerda's belly).

-------------About 5 mins:--------------

Finally, Little Man hugged her from behind and threw her to the ground. Gerda knelt on the ground trying to get up, but was kicked down. Gerda lay on her side with Little Man riding on top of her. "Please, stop, please..." She struggled weakly, some punches in her stomach.

"It doesn't matter. I will find him soon. Stand up, aren't you strong? Come on, honey."

Gerda was in pain and exhausted, her stomach hurts. She just moaned. The situation turned into an almost one-sided beating.

Little Man flips her over,and she kept panting violently. He rides her:"What a wonderful body, but now I'm in love with breaking it." Then many punches in her stomach (The punches are not fast but heavy. From multiple angles, such as near the ground in front of Little Man,  the side, and behind Little Man, etc.).

He grabbed her shirt collar  brutally and tried to shake her awake.He smiled wickedly. "Come on. Oh, sorry, I'm so sorry. You're so charming, honey." A few punches in the face, some hard in the stomach. She was so weak and moaned in pain.

Little Man brutally tears her shirt. 

"You got what you wanted. I will destroy you. The process may be painful."

Punches in her belly. The punches were so heavy, her body bent upward involuntarily.The screen gradually turned black, and the punching and moaning continued. After a few seconds, the sound faded away. 

The screen brightened and Gerda lay on her back (see Figure 1). Her skirt was ripped to her hipbone, revealing part of her black panties, and her blouse was unbuttoned (not fully unbuttoned) just enough to reveal her navel and part of her bra. The little man kept gasping for breath and left.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Gerda couldn't cope with Little man

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