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  • The unexpected loss of Mabel

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Mabel: She play a very strong Character, she is arrogant and conceidet and thinks no one can beat her. She hits hard and can take many hits. She only shows a little Body reaction from the blows

against her, she don't bow down much from the Belly blows or twists her head much from the Head punches. Take Rhea or Ivy in there Videos where they lose as example, they were really good. In the Video where Mona  loses the fight, she reacts a Way to much,  for what i like.

In the other Videos with her Mabel  is to quiet, in this Video she must moan from every single Hit against her. Her strong behave, Punch reaction and moaning is very important for me.

Mabel also don't care much about her defence, she takes the blows and goes for counter Attacke.

I would like  to see her with the same Style (Hair, Make up…)  and Outfit from : Agent Mabel gets what she's supposed to, only without the Bag. (please make shure the Outfit is looking good during the whole Fight)

Okay the Story is simple: Mabel is a high ranked Crime Lord, and Rob is a Special Agent, he is  send to take her out. The Video Starts with her sitting on a Chair like a Queen , working with her Phone, and he comes in. He tells her that he finally found her and she will answer for her horrible Crimes.

Mabel ignores  him  and he says:  „Did you her me? i am here to take you out“ She puts her Phone away and is looking at him. : „ Do you know why i am in charge here?“ He Just answers that he has no Idea.

" Because i can't lose any Fight, i am invincible."  He don´t beleave her and  tells her that he is  a very good Fighter, and he will take her out by every cost.

Mabel smiles at him and stands Up, she is slowly approtching him.   „You are Not the first one, they sendet many Guys like you, and i defeated every single one.“ Mabel is really cocky at this Moment.

He goes in fighting Position " You can't scare  me "

Mabel " „You dont' get it, do you? You can't Beat me! Let me show you...“ and she goes in fighting Position too. After this the fight beginns.

Part 1 of this fight is 2 min long: Mabel beats him up bretty good and even is taunting him. At the end he is exhausted and in the Ground.  „See? I told you, you have No Chance“ – „ I am Not done yet!“ and he stands up again. : „Oh, you want to keep going?Come on,  more Fun for me!“ and the fight goes in.

Part 2 is 3 Min long, and Mabel already gets  the most punches. He tries more to avoid/dodge her attacks and starts punching her Belly and Head.

Mabel can give him  always only  a few punches, and he gives her longer Punch Combos between the Hits against him.  But he still ist in Trouble, because she always pushes the attack against him, she is like an unstoppable power and gives him no Time to Recover.

Mabel moans from every Punch but she don't care much about it and is even amused that he really tries to her out.

It would be nice if you can build in the the stuff from the Kicks Pic: She tries to punch him, but he holds and twists her Arm. She stands sideways to him and he now starts kicking her Belly multiple time with his feet. Maybe Rob can do this Stuff?

Part 3 is only 1 min long, and this the first (nearly) beating of her. During this Time She tries always to hit him, with a single blow but he avoids it and is punching her several Times . Her is a little Script how it should look like:

She tries a left Fistpunch, he avoids that and gives her 2 Belly hits and one against her Head, She tries a right Fist punch, he avoids it again and gives her head 3 punches and 1 into her Belly.

She tries left punch, but he is holding her Arm and starts punching her Belly, Mabel tries a right hit, but he holds this Arm too and now he gives her a Headbut.  She tries a fist punch, but he dodges  it and she hits the Wall with her Fist behind him. He is standing now behind her,

he gives her quickly 3 punches against her Ribs. She tries to hit his Head with her Elbow (she turns around by this attack), but he dodges this attack by going under it. She now stands open  before him. This gives him the Chance to punch her Belly and Head again. After this she tries a straight Fist Punch, but he goes under her Fist and at the same Time He gives her one blow right into her Belly and some Head punches…..

I hope you have a Idea how this first beating should look like. Mabel tries to hit him every Time, but he just keeps punching her. I would be really nice if you could put in the Elbow Video too:  She tries to attack him, he holds her Arm, gives her one punch

against the Ribs, one hit against her Head and 3 Elbow hits right into her Belly.

Part 4 is again 3 min long, after the full Min of beating , Mabel puts one Hand on bis Throat.  „I have enough of this“

She puts him against a Wall and starts punching him. After 7-9 of her strong hits he goes on the Ground and she is choking him with her Feet,  she enjoys tormenting him, but he can break free.  Mabel can't understand why he keeps resisting: „You must see by now that you cannot beat me“  He is exhausted but stands up and goes in fighting Position again. Mabel  „Fine, keep going... i know that i will beat you at the End“  and she is ready to attack him again. The fight goes on like the Part 2.

Mabel always is the attacker, but can give him only a few punches, even less than in P2. and he keeps punching her. But she still can take all the blows against her.  I would like the Armtwists an punching from the Pics too.  And Maybe You can yourself some cool Ideas for the 3 Min.

Part 5 is the second beating of her, and again 1 min long. He manages to put her against the Wall and for the whole min he keeps hitting  her. Like in the Rhea Custom he keeps non Stop punching her Belly and Head. Mabel moans from all the hits but like she takes them like always. After the Min she avoids his next attack and breaths a little bit harder  „I must admit , you are better than the others. But you will still Have no Chance against me… this is just impossible“ She still thinks She is invincible. They are booth in fighting position again.

Part 6 is again 3 Min long. Mabel tries now really hard and aggresive  to take him out, but at this Point he can avoid all of her attacks and keeps punching her.  It become even worse for her, after some Time She  starts Feeling the Pain. She moans louder from the Hits. The Guy realises this too and now he starts puching the Attack against her.

Part 7 is for the last Runetime (2 Min): Mabel become weaker and exhausted and he shows no mercy to her. After some Fighting, where she is mostly his punching bag,  he starts punching her Head with left and rights, during this Mabel slowly retreats, so she gets punched through the Room. At the beginning she is still in fighting position, but she loses it during this treatment. After this she stand straight against a Wall. The Guy now switches to her Belly: He gives her around 20 left & rights straight into her Belly. Mabel is defencless at this point and every hit hurts her more. Its really painfully  for her,  She moans louder and louder.

After he stops his attack, Mabel breaths hardly and is holding her Belly with one Hand. He pushes her into the Room, he keeps punching her, She is really weak but for she manages to keep her up. At the End  he gives her one last hit into her Belly, She nearly screams for Pain, and she finally goes down on her Knees.

(The first Time she goes down) Mabel looks up to the Guy, from her strong behave is nothing left anymore, She is completly broken.  He gives her one kick against her Head and she falls on her Back.

Like  Sven in "Sven takes the arrogance out of Gerda" He goes to her and Starts Po punching her Head, during these she is out.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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The unexpected loss of Mabel

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