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  • Sven takes revenge on Gerda for his honor

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Gerda– long straight blonde hair; pink bikini

Sven – Karate attire

The storyline:

Sven is fed-up with Gerda humiliating him, and decides to ambush her at her dojo.

Gerda is doing stretching/ warmup at her dojo, and does not realize Sven sneaking up on her. Sven surprises Gerda, and performs multiple punches to head and stomach. Gerda was slowly backed against the wall and receives the punishment till Sven tires and stopped.

Gerda is in pain, but she recovers and beats up Sven once again through punches and kicks. Sven pulls out a small vial and drinks a super potion. Gerda resumes the beating, but this time, Sven seems totally unfazed by the attacks.

Gerda does a split and lowblow Sven. To her surprise, even this does not hurt Sven. She attempts to show off her superb stretching / gymnastic skills (cart wheels around to disorient Sven), but all are of no use.


Sven counter-attacks. From here, Sven one-sided inflicts pain and humiliation on to Gerda. He first does some lowblows to cripple Gerda. While Gerda holds her groin in pain, he begins his revenge. He does a series of head punches and kicks until Gerda staggers around disoriented. Sven lets Gerda some time to recover and invites her to attack him.

Gerda tries to use her legs to lock and choke Sven. Sven lets her perform the lock, and seems not to be affected. He easily escapes the lock by pulling her legs apart. He continues to over-stretch/ pull Gerda’s legs beyond her limits. Gerda screams in pain while she is over-stretched. Sven then performs some wrestling holds to stretch her back – Boston Crab, Camel Clutch… He once again allows Gerda recovery time to attack him again.

Gerda attacks feebly, and is countered attack by Sven with some humiliating low blows mixed in. Sven twists her arms and breaks both arms. Both arms dangling uselessly. Gerda admits defeat and begs for mercy.

Sven commands Gerda to crawl through his legs as a sign of defeat. Gerda obeyed.

Lastly, Sven props up punishes her till she develops cross-eye, and finally collapses, with her eyes still opened.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sven takes revenge on Gerda for his honor

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