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  • Unexpected loss of Melanie

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I would like to order a video with Melanie as the protagonist. It will be a mixed fight/male domination video. I want Melanie to have the same look as in "The Whirlwind of hits from Melanie. Part II, that is, the same leather catsuit without the mask and her hair in a bun, but also wearing high black leather boots. I want her to fight against the strongest and biggest male anatgonist possible. I want the video to be divided into three parts:

Part 1 (first 2 or 3 minutes): I want her to start dominating the fight with an extremely cocky attitude during the first 2 minutes with the man receiving lots of hits (specially kicks). At some point, the man catches her in a bearhug, but after 10 seconds of him pressing her body, she frees herself thanks to a double hit to the neck with both hands. He falls on his knees, and she tries to kick him in the face, but he grabs his boot with his hand and punches her hard in her exposed belly with the other hand. I want the second punch to be filmed in a close shot of the punch hitting the belly. Then she bows and her face suggests some concern, but she quickly smiles while saying "Uhhh, I felt that", and the cocky attitude is back.

Part 2 (three minutes): For this part, I want a back and forth fight, but he gradually dominates. At first, her face and vocal reactions don´t suggest too much pain, but as she receives more hits, she starts to show more concern. I let you be free to choreograph this part, I want most of the hits she receives (between 70 and 80%) to be directed to her upper body: belly, ribs, and some to the chest (if possible). I want you to show all the hits to the body in a way we can see the fists impacting the leather catsuit (I don´t like it when we can´t see the impact because of the back of the hitter), and with several close shots. I want her vocal reactions of pain to increase during this part.

Part 3 (seven minutes): I want the man to totally destroy Melanie in this part, with her hardly fighting back till the end. I leave you freedom again, but most of the hits she receives must be again against her upper body. Anyway, I want you to include three "compulsory" parts: 1) at some point she lies face up on the ground and the man starts stomping her belly hard 8 times. I want to see the impacts clearly and in rather close shots. In the last hit, he keeps his foot pressing her belly and she shouts in great pain. 2) At some other point, he throws her against a wall and starts pushling her neck and she tries with her hands to keep his hands out of her neck so that her belly is exposed. He throws 10 devastating punches to her stomach/body while still pushling her neck (again, we have to see the impact of the fists clearly). 3) The last part of the beatdown must consist of a double backbreaker. After the second one, he presses her hardly to bow her as much as possible (Melanie´s flexibility must reach her highest point here), and then, with her back still bowed on his knees, he starts hammering her belly with his fist ten times. I want some of these hits to be close shots. In the last hit, he keeps pressing her belly with his fist and she starts screaming in pain and lost consciousness. The beatdown part ends here. After that, he is confident and looks at her proud, but as he approaches she sudenly catches his neck with her legs and starts pushling his neck (she is upside down, with her hands on the floor keeping her vertical). He tries to free himself, still standing, but his face tells us he is about to fall but, at the last moment, another man appears and hits her hard three times in the stomach (I want to see the three impacts clearly from close shots) while she remains upside down and she falls to the ground again holding her belly in pain. The main antagonist recover and starts stomping on her leather boots in vengeance several times. Then, the second man holds her in a press keeping her arms under her back so that her upper body is exposed again to be hit, and the main man hits her furiosuly 5 times in the face and another ten times in the belly till she almost lose consciousness. She falls to the ground and tries to recover but the main atagonist kicks her hard in the face and she is out now. With her still uncounscious he breaks her neck, and the fight is over.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Unexpected loss of Melanie

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