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  • Psycho girl Gerda plays with her victim

Custom clip request 

I want to show a young "psycopathic" girl (Gerda) capturing and punishring a man.

It starts with a man walking alone in the street. Then appears Gerda from behind and hits him with a baseball bat. He falls unconscient, and camera turns off.

When camera turns on, the man is in a closed room, tied from a chair this mode or similar (to have access to his hands and feet). He is gagged at first.

Then appears Gerda (dreesed casual, red lipstick and natural nails), with the baseball bat. She explains that he is in a "pain experiment", and starts to hit him with the bat in the knees and legs, breaking his bones and making him scream through the gag.

She then puts off his gag and crouches down to his feet. He begs for mercy, and she takes off one of his shoes. He continues begging, and she starts twisting and breaking his toes with her hands. He screams desperately.

After a while she stands up, and tells him that she doesn't like his screams. She offers a deal while playing with one of his hands: she'll break the fingers of this hand one by one. If he doesn't scream, she'll set him free.

She then starts breaking his fingers, one by one. Please, make it the most cruel and realistic as possible. She breaks his fingers in different ways. One twisting quickly, another twisting more slow... improvise. In one point she takes two of his broken fingers and squeezes them, causing agonizing pain. He supports the pain (only with little groans) until the last finger is broken. In this moment he doesn't support and screms agonizingly.

He does not pass the test, so she has to finish him. He cries in pain and begs her for his live. She then takes the bat and shots in his body, face, arms... improvise! At the end, she grabs the fingers of the another hand and breaks them one by one, walks behind him and finishes him with a hit in his head.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Psycho girl Gerda plays with her victim

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