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  • Ronda uses her karate skills against the bandits

Custom clip request 

Hello Lesley, here is the third custom for Ronda: Ronda vs Sven

This time she wears the cappuccino pantyhose in all scenes (same leotard), and he is in white judo uniform and military clothes wearing hat or the wrap on his head, see the script too. He has very serious/angry face no laughing at all.

Please use that same color lipstick in the last custom (loved that big mouth lipstick, the best)

Scene.1 Sven wearing the white judo uniform and the hat on his head

Sven is a wanted criminal gang, punching on the punch bag, Ronda walks in, then hands over waist, big lipstick says “you’re under arrest, you better go with me to jail, or I take you by karate power” he says “I will destroy everyone trying to arrest me- too late now, I never go back to jail again”. They stare at each other lots of focus like previous custom. They now bow each other like pic4,5,6,7, 8 love that bow, foot side way in pic.5 they both looking at her toes (in pic.5, she looks at him too couple of times, making sure he is looking at her toes). Then karate poses like pic.9 and then shoulder break like previous custom (repeat few times), then poses in front of him after the break, says “perfect shoulder fracture, just perfect, was your choice”

This time at the very end, she starts walking away from him leaving the room, and as she is walking away, she stops and do a karate demo hi kick just like pic10,11 at him, please show her pose just like that with him looking at it, screaming in pain. please show the walk from behind her, him looking at it also from front if time left.

Scene. 2 he wears white judo uniform with that Indian style wrap in pic.20

In this scene they work as a teammate working together to capture the karate gangs.

They walk to the scene, with their back to camera pic.12, then get to the middle of the room, they stop and turn around face to face staring at each other, (she put hands over waist), tells him “we must catch the rest of the dirty beard karate gangs”. He says “I am ready”

They stare at each other more, then couple of bows like pic.14,15 (like pic.15). After the bow they focus more on each other getting into it, thinking about the gangs.

Now you can cut the scene and on the resume scene, they are standing next to each other just like pic.16, She tells him “I go get the dirty beard balcony guy by karate power”, he says “I go get the blade expert”. Then they stare more each other and start walking towards the camera very mean look like pic.17 or similar. Now as they walk towards the camera she stops and throw a high kick at him like pic18,19 as a karate demo says “poor balcony guy” then keep walking till leave the room.

Scene.3 he wears the military style clothes or similar (Indian hat up to you)

Scene starts with her chasing him up in the balcony. He kicks at her few times she bends miss the kick. Finally at the end, they get to one of the flat part of stairs, example pic.22 area (the arrow and the circle is) or the left corner if you need more room. They go to karate pose, he attack she bends miss and repeat again, she then keeps on slapping him hard with the back of her hand (please use back of the hand where the bones are) makes him feel the pain, and finally she grabs his uniform by the neck with both hands, hit him against the wall few times (where the arrow is or approx), she then put his foot into his stomach goes down like she is giving him stomach throw move over her body. Cut the scene her and on the resume scene she is in pic.23 position legs in v shape with him on the stairs both hands stretched towards him screaming at her from anger, you can also rotate her in pic23 with her front to him (I like to see both if time left if not just show pic.23 the way it is-her back). She says haaaaaa then says “that what we meant by karate power balcony throw”. Freeze pic 23 for 5 sec. She now gets up in that location put hands over waist looks down at him say “welcome to karate club” he put hands full power pointing at her again, screaming from anger then he is KOed.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda uses her karate skills against the bandits

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