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  • Brian used the taser to overpower Grace

Custom clip request 

I would like to see Grace with the Dress from Lillian and her prisoner. PartIII, Black Top and the Black Skirt, but Barefoot, no Socks and Shoes. (Make shure the Dress is Looking great during the fight)   And she has a Ponytail like in her first Video

The Video starts with the Guy sitting on a Table and working on his Phone, near him his a Table with the Taser on in and she comes into the Room.  She tells him that Lesley has finally enough of the disturbance against her, and the last loss of Agend Mabel really damaged her Imperium.

So she sendet her to deal with the Problem.  The Guy answers that it was a mistake vom Lesley to send only one of her Girls, because they defeated strong Girls befor her. She only answers that she is the best Assassine, and it will be easy for her do deal with him.

 After this the fight beginns, but Grace is a Little different: Usually the Girls don´t care about her defence and trying to take out the opponents with her hard Blows.  But she waits for him to attack her and she  avoids the attacks and between them, she gives

Him some punches (4-6) and after that she is waiting again for his attack. And this is how the first 2 Min Looks like. The Guy tries always to attack her, but she can really easy (even playful) avoid it and keeps punching him. Particularly her kicks with the Feet are really dangerous for him. He tries everything to hit her, but he never came close to it. At one Point he even goes behind her to attack her from behind, but she even turns around and  just kicks his Belly with her Elbow 3 Times with a finisher against his Head.

 After the 2 Min he is on the Ground near the Table, looking exhausted and desperate. Grace just smiles at him „ As i thought… You are nothing Special“  The Guy uses the Table to lift him up again and at this Point he sees the Taser on the Table! Grace goes after him „ I will finish you off now“

She doesn´t see the Taser.  She craps his Shoulder and turns him around, at this moment he uses the Taser on her. It would be nice if You could be a „tase“ Sound and we can see it on her Face.  After that her the Muscles are stunned, she can not attack or Defence her self. She is just Standing before the

Guy and is defencless. And he uses his Chance, he Drops the Taser and starts punching her. For around 2 Min he keeps non stop punching her Belly and Head. Grace moans (!) from every single Punch against her, but like the other Girls she has a strong Body and can take it.

Just look at my last customs with Mabel or Ray, they did a really good Job from her Body reactions and Moaning from the blows, i hope Grace can play it good too.

After the 2 Min of beating her she puts a Hand on his Throat, she is looking right into his Face „ Nice Try, but worthless“ she lifts him up and throws him away.  After that Grace has recovered and is standing in fighting position, she gives him a sign to attack her.  But now its the same like in the beginning:

He is attack her, put she avoids all of his attacks and keeps punching him.  For 1 Min she controls the fight again and gives him a hard beating. At the End he is on his knees and she gives him several kicks with her Feet against his Head.  Between the Kicks she is smiling, after some kicks he falls on his back.

Grace thinks the fight is over „ You are done“  The Guy is on the Ground, but luckly near him is the Taser! The crawls to the Taser, this Time Grace sees it too „ Oh no, you won't´ ….“  She goes after him and tries to stop him. But its to late, he is still on the Ground but can Tase on her a second Time.

We can hear a broken „ Not….. again“ from her. And after this she is  stunnend again and defencless.

 The Guy stands up and uses his second Chance, for again 2 Min he gives her a really good beating. He is punching her Belly and Head over and over again. At one Point she even stands against a Wall, and he gives her some hard blows. Again, She moans but can handle it.

  At the End of the 2 min he gives her a hard Combo and she stumbles  back some steps . Grace looks really angry now and breaths harder from all the hits against her.

„ Bastard, You will not defeat me with your silly tricks“ And now her  fighting style chances and she is attacking him! She fights agressiv and tries to punch him, but the Table has turned and he avoids her attacks and between them he keeps punching her.  For a while (lets say 1 Min, so we lave 2 left) Grace

can still take the blows but over time she starts feeling the Pain. She moans louder from the attacks.  He shows no mercy and keeps punching her, after a while Grace is so weak she can´t even attack anymore. She just stands in the Room and takes the blows against her.

Nearly at the End he puts her against your Pole, he puts her Arms on her Back like in the Pic. The Pole is between her Spine and Arms. He Lifts her Hands up, just that hurts her, but is comes even worse: With on Hand he is Holding her Arms on her Spine,  with his other free Hand

He starts punching her Belly.  (it woult be nice is she could stand straight against the Pole)

 Every single Punch hurts her more and more,  she moans loud  in pain.  When he  finally Releases her, she immediatly Drops down on the Ground, she is Holding her Belly and breaths hardly.  Grace is Looking up to the Guy „Lesley  will never give up to take you out…“

He tells her that he fears her not anymore, after this he gives her final kicks against her head and she KOed on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Brian used the taser to overpower Grace

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