female fighting stories

  • 2 headhunters fight for the reward

Megan is a bounty hunter and she is in a wood on her way to find a dangerous man who has a $ 100,000 reward on his head. She is determined and very confident to capture him but when she finds him it turns out that there is a $ 500,000 bounty also on her head that he too wants to collect. A furious fight begins, Megan is very skilled but the man is also a very skilled fighter. The fight is balanced up but after some minutes Megan's determination takes over and in the end she eliminates him in a rather humiliating way.

Another reward is ready for Megan's pockets.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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2 headhunters fight for the reward

  • Brand: MEGAN
  • Product Length: 9 minutes
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