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  • Sasha slaps Konstantin's face for his bad behavior_PartII

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It's time to order the second part of Sasha's faceslapping.

Later at night of Konstantin's birthday, Sasha is getting into his room to see if he's ok, to tell him that she didn't want his birthday to be like this and for one more time to ask him what exactly happened at school...She is wearing just a t-shirt (monochrome without stamps) with such a length that her half ass is seen and nothing below... just her thong without pantyhose and low heels.

Konstantin (with some bruishes on his face) when sees his mom like this, is getting horny and his eyes look very often at her bare thighs. Sasha is sitting in a chair, waiting for Konstantin's explanations but she is noticing that he is looking at her legs too...she is getting a little nervous and she is starting shaking her legs (uncrossed) like the way I post you in a video below...when Konstantin sees the shaking of her legs he's getting more horny because he likes the jiggling of her thighs and without thinking what he's doing, he's touching her thighs, caressing them...that was his biggest mistake!

Sasha is getting really really mad with him! Sitting in the chair and shaking very angry and nervous her legs, she is giving him very hard faceslaps right and left with same hand, shouting at him "Shame on you! You re touching my legs like you did to the girl at school? There is no mercy anymore for you!"...Konstantin's hands are still on her thighs while he's being slapped...this time he doesn't care about this...he's so horny, that none of the faceslaps stop him from touching her thighs and kissing them...that makes Sasha giving him more hard faceslaps right and left. She's toe tapping and slapping him again, both in standing position and sitting. ...She can't stop slapping him...he's helpless, accepting every hard slap she is giving him. At some time I would like Sasha to stand in front of Konstantin who is sitting, tapping hard and slowly her heels (jiggling thighs) and then put her one leg next to the place he's sitting so he can see her thighs next to him...he's touching again her thighs and then she's slapping him very hard a couple of times in this position (her leg next to him in standing position while he's sitting). Also, at the end she will sit on him again like the previous time and start slapping him again and again until he can't move...She' s telling him "This is your birthday present" and she continues slapping him...Then she is standing in front of him and starts tapping her heels in standing position hard and slow (I like the sound of tapping) . Konstantin is laying down on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha slaps Konstantin's face for his bad behavior_PartII

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