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  • Sasha is a member of karate ballet team

Here is the custom, Sasha vs. Sven


- Same pantyhose/leotard used in last custom, big toes. Cold face, mean look, no expression on the face very mean

- Man in judo uniform or military clothes (see script).

Scene.1 He is in judo uniform/and hat

Sven practicing karate hitting the punch bag in the room (pic.3-punch bag), Sasha walks in wearing pantyhose/leotard says “we are closing this place, you better leave”. He gets angry says “don’t talk to me like that and continue punching the bag very angry”.

She then stretches her leg all the way put her toes on the punch bag in front of his eyes for few sec, he gets super angry.

She says “I am the security guard here protecting this place and you must comply before I throw you out by karate power”

He gets even more angry/screaming face, lowers himself goes to karate pose, she then stretches her leg all the way front of his eyes like pic.4 (he is already lowered himself in karate pose so her toes comes right in front of his eye, please hold it few sec).

They now bow each other, this time please show they both bow in same direction both looking at her toes. Please show the bow they are standing in front of each other (not to the side of each other).

After the bow, they go to karate pose again, full focus for few sec, he then attacks her, and she breaks her shoulder/hand just like in Rhea custom, please show 4 to 5 repeats different angles and one from the back like pic.7, love that shoulder break, was just perfect.

He falls and she put toes front of his eyes like Rhea custom, hands over waist says “perfect shoulder/hand break, just perfect”

Scene.2 He is in the military uniform/hat or no hat up to you (leg/ankle break)

She breaks his leg and ankle just like Rhea custom, love those poses and big toes (they look at each other time to time). In pic.12 she says “both legs and ankles fractured, just perfect”. He screams loud the whole time. Please show his legs still on top of each other.

At the end she is standing next to him, his eyes wide open looking at her toes, she is looking down at him, show from different views and from height too (like that same custom), also close ups. He keeps screaming from pain, She says “perfect leg and ankle fracture”. His legs still on top of each other (like it was before the break)

Scene. 3 Balcony throw like previous custom, he is in military uniform/hat or no hat up to you. Please also see the throw note.

This will also be like the previous balcony throw (Melanie throw). He walks in with military uniform, looking around and see her like pic.16 pose staring at each other, different angles. She says “welcome to karate club, we crush bones here”. They keep staring each other then the bow, then stare each other again. He decides to escape, she flows him up in the balcony, show the chase like pic.17 from the bottom up.

She finally throws him down just like pic.19, please show hand pose just like that, show hand chopped over the balcony rail full power, really like pic.19 throw (show power in hand just like that- very strong hand chop). Then the repeats.

Note: Lesley: please show on the repeats, she turns her back fully to camera then bends in karate pose like pic.20 but show the bend even more and hands stretched in front more in karate pose, then turn around fast hands up say “haaaaaaa”.

I did ask for this before but still don’t see it on any of the customs. If you want you can cut/resume scene to do that, it’s ok for me.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha is a member of karate ballet team

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