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  • Rhea and the spy

Rhea has a mission and must complete a dangerous sale to a customer. Everything seems to be ready, but there is a spy lurking, he's there to prevent the sale and to stop Rhea. Rhea notices him and surprises him from behind. He says to be a tourist but now he knows Rhea's face and she is forced to eliminate him. A furious fight begins, the spy is well trained and thinks he can stop Rhea but she is totally superior and with a tremendous series of kicks and punches she begins a real action of destruction that ends with a devastating lifting and a powerful neckbreak. For the man is the last mission.

She wears leather trousers, boots and a short black top.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea and the spy

  • Brand: RHEA
  • Product Length: 11 minutes
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