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I would like the wrestling match to take place in the same space as the previous videos, with the "ring ropes" in place as they were in Part I. If there is some way to make the mat area lighted while the rest of the studio is somewhat darker, that would be a plus.

The video opens on the lighted mat area where the "Challenger" and Sven are standing. Over the "arena crowd" sound effect there is a male voice-over stating "Here it is wrestling fans, the special No Disqualification Match for the Championship! In this corner, the Challenger!" The camera moves in on the Challenger raising his arms above his head, looking somewhat smug. The voiceover continues "And now, entering the ring, the current Champion!"

Rob enters in his red or blue Speedo wrestling trunks and the bandage once again around his midsection. The first two videos established the abdominal punishment he took from Sven and his thugs the previous day (when the bandage eventually comes off, the "bruise" effect should NOT be any more prominent than it was, to avoid distraction). Rob tries to hide his pain and exhaustion as he raises one arm above his head, the other arm holding his stomach. The focus moves from Rob to the Challenger, who looks a bit LESS smug, and Sven, who looks furious that his plan to sabotage Rob did not work. The Challenger whispers to Sven "I thought you said he would never show up!" to which Sven replies, "You know what to do. Just work on his STOMACH!" The other wrestler replies, "This is going to be FUN." Sven climbs out through the ring ropes but takes his position right behind the ropes, ready to "help" his wrestler.

There is a "ring bell" sound effect and the match begins with the other wrestler circling Rob and then raising his arms above his head to invite a "test of strength". Rob raises his arms to lock fingers with the other wrestler and almost pushes him to the mat three times, but the Challenger knees him in the stomach each time. Rob finally pushes the other wrestler across the ring and the two are separated. 

I want to give you room for creativity in how the ensuing action plays out, since I know you and your actors and crew have a lot of talent in creating these scenarios. So I will not try to describe a lot of specific action (I've attached a couple of short MP4s to this email that show some moves I like). Just a few points:

1) the action should NOT include kick fighting

2) Rob tries to apply legitimate wrestling holds to the Challenger, but, each time, the other wrestler will use fist punches, elbow strikes, or knees to inflict more abdominal punishment and cause Rob to break the hold

3) at least twice, the other wrestler should back Rob into the ring ropes, where Sven will crouch down behind Rob and hold his wrists/forearms while the Challenger inflicts PROLONGED punishment to Rob's stomach. At the end of the first time this happens would be a good time to have them tear the bandage off Rob's midsection; about halfway through the match. Previous to that the other wrestler is inflicting the blows on Rob's bandaged abdomen. Once Rob is off the ropes (and the bandage is off) the match proceeds for a time, then he is backed into the ropes again and held by Sven while the other wrestler attacks his stomach for a LONG period, this time without the bandage in place

4) there should also be one instance where the other wrestler holds Rob's arms behind his back and pushes him toward the ring ropes, where Sven will punch Rob's stomach for a while

5) two times (once with bandage, once without) the other wrestler should have Rob's shoulders pinned to the mat, and he slaps the mat TWICE, then stops. He gets Rob to his feet to continue the stomach attack

Other than that, you can stage the match in your variety of creative ways, just making sure that RELENTLESS, BRUTAL punishment is constantly inflicted on Rob's abdomen (especially his LOWER abdomen) throughout the fifteen minute match (punches, shoulder blocks, knees, head butts, forearm blows). Rob can also be pushed into the ring ropes or against any of the walls for a prolonged assault. Rob should react with loud groans and grimaces that reflect all the punishment of the previous day. He is REALLY HURTING. Then, in the last minute or so, Rob is able to clothesline, body slam, or some way overcome the Challenger and pin him to the mat. Rob slaps the mat THREE times to indicate his victory, and the "ring bell" is heard again. Sven climbs through the ropes and rushes at Rob, but Rob KOs him, too. The two villains are both lying motionless on the mats as Rob painfully raises his arms above his head in Victory. The male voice-over says, "and still the Champion!"


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Unbreakable Rob

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