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  • Wildcat Mabel Eliminates Three Thugs and the Boss

Description:  Mabel is a beautiful superheroine with a black mask and boots.  She infiltrated an enemy organization looking for the boss.  She’s super-strong and is in the middle of interrogating a thug by lifting him by the throat.  She does this with absolutely no effort and enjoys it.  She asks him where she can find the boss. The thug is in pain and struggles but refuses to answer.  Mabel gets bored, rolls her eyes, quickly snaps his neck and lets him fall at her feet. 

With her super-powers, Mabel hears a heartbeat and looks up – someone else is approaching. Another thug is outside the door and asks what’s going on.  Mabel opens the door first, surprises the thug, says “Hello my dear,” swiftly kicks him and drags him into the room.  Even though he knows he’s in trouble, the thug is disarmed by her beauty and can’t help saying, “You’re pretty.”  She calmly asks, “Where is the boss?”  The thug gets angry and threatens her.

Mabel swiftly elbows and knees the thug until he collapses, helpless.  She decides to play with him: “Do you wonder what I’ll do to you?”  He refuses to talk and she taunts him, walks around behind him and breaks his neck. “Well, I guess I’ll have to ask your friends.”

In the next scene, Mabel waits by the door in a sexy pose, expecting another thug to arrive.  This is just a game for her.  She can hear his footsteps as he comes closer.  He enters the room, sees her standing there, hesitates and asks “Who are you?”  Several quick punches and elbows and he’s on the floor.  Mabel straddles the thug and squeezes his neck in a standing scissors between her boots.  After a couple of quick punches, she breaks his neck with a quick twist of her legs and he falls to the floor.

Mable sits in a chair and calmly waits. The boss bursts in, holding a blade. He says he knows her secret identity and thinks he has an advantage.  She doesn’t care, takes off the mask and lets down her hair. The boss says his “guys” will arrive soon and deal with her, but Mabel tells him “What guys?  They’re all asleep!”  The boss slaps her, thinking he has the upper hand.  It does not affect her at all – it just gives her an excuse to beat him up with some great face kicks and punches. 

In the end, she pins him to the wall with her knee, says “You’re going to see your friends now” and breaks his neck.  Mabel strolls towards the door and blows a kiss before she leaves.  We never find out what she wanted except to get rid of this guy for her own amusement.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Wildcat Mabel Eliminates Three Thugs and the Boss

  • Brand: MABEL
  • Product Length: 12 minutes
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