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  • A malefactor tries to to sabotage Rob's next match. Part II

Custom clip request 

The new video picks up where the "thugs" video ended; Rob on his knees clutching his stomach (there is no need to see the two thugs on camera - they are not part of the new video)
A burly man wearing a suit (he does NOT wear a mask) is sneaking up behind Rob (the guy listed as "Sven" on your website looks like just the right type - if not available, or if you think someone else similar physical type would be better for the role, then you choose; but definitely a mature man); the man has a handkerchief/cloth (soaked in ch...) clutched in his hand. He grabs Rob from behind and puts the cloth over Rob's nose and mouth. Rob struggles briefly and then he is KOed. The camera pans from Rob on the floor up to the burly man's face. He says "Never send boys to do a man's job."
FADE IN on Rob coming to. His arms are stretched above him with wrists secured to the top of the heavy bag that was on the set in the first video (his back is against the bag). Rob's legs are also tied together. He is totally immobilized and defenseless. He is groggy from the ch... and still in intense pain.
The burly man is standing in front of Rob looking ominous, and pulling on a pair of black gloves. He says "So, did you decide to wake up, Mr. Champion?"
Rob says "I should have known YOU were behind this. Your wrestler could never beat me fair and square."
The man replies "We'll never know. Because YOU will forfeit the match. Your serious injury (he indicates Rob's stomach) will prevent you from wrestling."
Rob says "I'll never forfeit."
Immediately the burly man drives a hard punch into Rob's stomach. Robs reacts.
The man says, "Some guys have to learn the HARD way."
He drives in a few more punches to the stomach. Then he says "You see these? There is lead sewn into the knuckles. They call them "sap gloves" - much worse than mere brass knuckles, eh?"
The man now proceeds to slowly and deliberately further demolish Rob's stomach with brutal punches (he does NOT use knees or kicks). He puts great power into each punch and takes his time between punches. He sinks many of the punches LOW into Rob's belly (can he grab the waistband of Rob's trunks to pull him forward for some of the punches? no exposure!) He varies a few times by also using his elbow drawn back and viciously jabbed into Rob's stomach; a few times he also uses the double-fisted "axe handle" punches. He is getting much sadistic pleasure from Rob's awful pain.
Rob is in agony. He groans loudly but he cannot protect himself or even double over in his bound position. He suffers terribly, and after a few minutes his head begins to slump forward.
The man finally says "You out yet, Muscle Man? Okay, time for the coup de grace."
The man lowers his head and grabs the heavy bag on both sides of Rob's midsection, or grips him on both sides of the waist. He proceeds to headbutt Rob's stomach with great power. After 6 headbutts, he stands up and looks into Rob's agonized face. He gives an evil laugh, then lowers his head again and delivers 6 more headbutts. Rob finally is KOed. (this sequence should, for the most part, be a medium shot of the two actors that clearly shows what is happening) The burly man steps back.

The camera is focused on Rob hanging weak as we hear the burly man say  "See you in the ring tomorrow, "Champ".
Language: Russian with English subtitles

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A malefactor tries to to sabotage Rob's next match. Part II

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