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  • Lillian checks Rob's strength_partIII

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At the beginning Rob is posing for about 10 seconds and showing his muscles. than lillian sees him walks to him and says: You think youre strong? i think youre weak. Rob says: im very strong little girl! Than lillian says: ok lets see if you can lift me by my armpits for 15 seconds. He says: ok no problem. He lifts her by her armpits for 15 seconds. lillians legs and arms are just hanging in the air. than lillian says: ok lift me again for 15sec. by my armpits but this time i look away from you. he lifts lillan with her back locking towards him. than lillian says: ok youre strong. she walks away.

In the next scene lillian sees rob again. she walks to him but this time she is wearing the same outfit as in the video new girl in the block.

this time she walks to rob an says: did you get stronger? can you lift me for 20 seconds this time? He does the same as in the first scene. the difference is just that he lifts her for 20 seconds in both positions this time.

and in the third scene lillian is wearing the same outfit as in the video playing with her pet.

this time he lifts her for 25 seconds in both positions.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Lillian checks Rob's strength_partIII

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