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  • Naomi proves that she is worth joining Karate club

Three male karate black belts are training in the gym. Naomi walks in the middle of the practice and asks if she can join their karate club. The men laugh and say that she doesn't even have a belt and will only be hurt. Naomi says that she can prove her skills without a belt. The men give her a chance but don't expect her to do well. Naomi starts sparring with the weakest of the male fighters. She easily brings him down with many punches and kicks and makes him to tap with a leg hold. She offers her hand to help him up but he hits it away. She now spars with the 2nd fighter. The results are the same and she is able to make him tap with a wrestling hold. She offers her hand to help him but he also refuses it. She then fights the master. He is tougher and is able to land a couple of hits on Naomi in the beginning. However, she soon gets the upper hand and is able to land many hits while dodging or blocking his moves. She again makes him to tap and offers her hand to help, which the man refuses. Naomi now asks again to join their club after showing her skills. The men refuse and fight her 3 vs 1. It is no use as Naomi is able to beat them all down with a variety of kicks and punches. When they are all beaten down, Naomi takes all of their belts and victory poses over one of them. She does not want to join their club anymore now that she sees how weak they are. She steps over his body and goes to do a victory pose on the other opponent's chest. She steps over his body too. Then she goes away leaving them on the floor.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Naomi proves that she is worth joining Karate club

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