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  • Carol steals the bag of money

Carol decided to profit from a criminal gang by intercepting a courier with a bag of money. She crept up from behind and put a shooter to his head, ordered him to give her the bag. However, the courier turned out to be a brave trained fighter, he easily knocked the weapon out of the girl's hands and gave her several powerful blows in the stomach and face. Carol managed to intercept his leg during the next blow, she hit him several times with her elbow in is thigh before the guy managed to escape from the grip. The fight went back and forth. The fighter, clutching the girl's throat with his hands, began to bend her over the balcony railing in an attempt to throw her down. It seemed that Carol was doomed. She had no choice but to kick the guard in his balls. The guy jumped back and the girl managed to knock him to the ground. She sat on top of him and started hitting him with a series of punches in his face. Then she picked him up and continued with punching and kicking at his face and body. Then Carol pinned his head between her thighs and broke his neck. She demonstrated her victory by placing one foot on the guy's motionless body. Then, stepped over his body, she put her other foot on his chest, continuing to demonstrate the victory pose. At the end Carol took the bag with the money, and stepping over his body again, walked away.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Carol steals the bag of money

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