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In this little film Rob is the superhero.

He has a girlfriend and there will be another man who will play the bad guy.

Rob has to wear a black singlet that's tight.

He has to wear tight black business pants.

The other two can wear whatever they like.

I am happy for the cast to speak in Russian and you can display the subtitles.

Rob the super hero has super powers.

Clip begins with Rob and his girlfriend in their home sitting down on a couch.

He has his arm around her and they are talking.

Bad guy shoots the door open and walks in, Rob stands up and tells his girlfriend to stay seated. The bad guy is standing in front of Rob. The bad guy says, " You're a threat to society, you won't be able to use your powers for good!"

Rob says, "You don't know who I am!"

The bad guy shoots a shooter at Rob.

Rob crosses his arms and laughs.

The bullets are bouncing off of his chest and arms. Rob bends over and says to the bad guy to kiss his ass and the bad guy shoots his butt of steel.

Rob then uses heat vision on the shooter.

Bad guy hits Rob with a steel bar.

Rob bends the bar.

Rob lifts bad guy up by the neck and holds him up against a wall. We also see Rob's nice butt. He then throws bad guy to the ground.

Bad guy pulls out a match and throws it on the ground and sets room on fire.

The girlfriend screams.

Rob says,"It's okay". He the takes a deep breath and blows it out with his super breath.

(Keep the super breath effects exactly how I like them. No additional effects, just use a very strong wind sound. Try to get a hurricane sound. I want Rob to sound very, very powerful)

Rob says to the bad guy, "How about we go for a ride?"

Rob then takes a deep breath and blows the bad guy around the room. (Remember, I want to hear a very strong wind sound from Rob)

He blows the bad guy from one side to another.

Lots of face shots of Rob blowing and good butt angles.

Bad guy falls to the ground and says, "More people are coming to capture you!"

Rob says, "They can't harm me."

He then uses his freeze breath and freezes the bad guy into a big ice block.

(ONLY for the freeze breath effect you can use a thick white mist coming out of Rob's mouth)

Seconds later we hear a helicopter flying over their home.

The girlfriend says"What do we do now?

Rob opens a window and we see the helicopter.

Rob says, " There is a hurricane coming"

Rob uses his incredibly powerful hurricane breath and blows the helicopter around.(You can put in an image of a helicopter out of control.)We see his face while he's blowing and his nice butt.The helicopter comes crashing down.The girlfriend is relieved. She says,"What do we do with our icey friend?"Rob then uses his heat vision to melt the ice off of the  bad guy. Bad guy tries to attack Rob and runs towards him.

Rob gives him a big Karate kick, he falls to the ground. The bad guy gets up again and Rob kicks him once more. (Getting also a good butt shot)

Rob asks the bad guy," Have you had enough?"

The bad guy says, "You bastard, I will destroy you".

Rob laughs.

He says," With just a small breath I can control you".

He then takes a small breath this time and funnily enough he starts blowing the bad guy around the room.

The girlfriend laughs.

(Face close ups and butt shots again of Rob)

Rob asks, "Have you had enough now?"

Bad guy says," Never!"

Rob says, " Now you've asked for it!'.

For the very last time, Rob takes a big breath  and blows his super powerful breath at the bad guy making him spin even faster and thrusting him all around the room.

This is the final time of good face close ups and butt shots.

The girlfriend gets up and stands next to Rob while he's blowing. She puts her arm around his waist and watches her Superman blow.

At long last the blowing from Rob is over and the bad man runs out of the room.

Rob and his girlfriend laugh.

She says to him, " You're incredible".

He  turns to her and  puts his arms around her.

He gives her a kiss and says, "I will always protect you".

The End.


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Super Rob

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