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  • Rhea steps on the path of danger to complete her mission

Custom clip request 

1. Rhea


a.without mask

3.dressed thong leotard and black nylon         stocking and highheels 

4.length of movie:20 minutes

5.detail script:

 The heroine is a hitwoman. once on a mission ,  she got shot in right thigh,the shot wounded in leg injury,  the heroine dragging  her seriously injured  right leg,  after she climbed the stairs,fight with enemy ,finally she escape,back to home she take off shoes. sitting on the sofa with the injuried hurt leg,she try to dig the bullet out ,but it's stuck too deep,she can't get it out  ,so she bondages the leg. she got a call from the boss, Inform heroine to add a new mission tomorrow, let heroine prepare well. She told the boss she was unwell, asked if can adjust the time, but was scolded by the boss, and threatened she can not fail tomorrow's mission, Otherwise her brother would receive severe punishment.she is upset.she wants to get up to have some pills.due to the seriously wound on her leg .after a few steps.she falls down .she try to stand up.but it's difficult.she try a few times.didn't make it. then she falls.

The next day, the heroine awake.her injuried leg is more painful.she decided to finish the mission for her brother.she  struggles dressed up wear shoes.before she goes out.she make a phone to her boss.tell him if she is not come back be nice to her brother. she is week, she came to the mission place with her right leg bandaged , Because of the injury in her right leg,she was very difficult but she didn't give up. she was being founded by enemy .she use shooter to shot and find place to defend.in the way .her injuried leg's shoe get off.finally she has no bullets.she find a corner to hide.the enemy saw her shoe.and comes closer and closer.she has to go out and fight with him.

The healthy heroine's leg is very powerful .  but now she is very weak. The red liquid is already soaked all over the bondage. she can still beat these people after the injury, but the process is much more difficult. I hope she's hit by enemy rarely face and belly, more struck her wounded leg, I hope I can appear after tying a thigh injury action is not sensitive, not as before with the pace of the flexible and they fight,  her leg is seriously injuried,she can't fight like the same as she was healthy.otherwise it also will be fake.the heroine  was repeatedly hit on her injured thigh. trample her injured leg.

finally she finished the mission.she is very painful and difficult to stand stable .she walk dizzing slowly .fall down several times and get out of the place.....

6.no special effects

7.important details:

(a) I hope to focus on showing the thighs seriously impact on the heroine fighting capacity is very large,

(b)  after the injury the heroine as far as possible be hit, is each hit is helpless, not like healthy. A lot of times she can dodge or block, but she  just stand there and get hit. It looks fake.and when fighting .her shoes off will be great.

(c)and the actress need to notice that she is injuried in every seconds .she shouldn't acting like sometimes dizziing and pain while sometimes not.

(d)the red liquid must be enough.because the bullet is still stuck in her leg. if only a little red liquid.it looks fake.

(e)reduce the scene which the heroine falls to the ground and is completely destroyed by enemy. The heroine should always maintain a tenacious fighting state. For example, she attack the enemy's with her leg, and the injuried leg is difficult to support and fall, and then try to get up and continue to fight. Then, reluctantly, she is hit the wounded leg by enemy .she fight with a backhand at once, avoiding the enemy's attack and pulling the wound and she moaning in pain. After temporarily knocking down the enemy, she took the opportunity to hold the injured leg to breathe and moaning.and locked the enemy's throat with leg skills but failed due to the injuried leg is very painful and weak.and something like that.after she was injured, she should be evenly matched with the enemy to attack and defend each other, not just fall to the ground and be completely powerless.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Rhea steps on the path of danger to complete her mission

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