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  • Secret agent Gerda deals with a gang

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Actress: Gerda

Outfit: Tight black catsuit with black high heeled boots  just like the one in “Diana was hired to eliminate the gang” and “Mona loses the fight to the weaker opponent” (but without gloves). Hair untied.

Actors: Two male actors (doesn’t matter who) can play multiple roles since there won’t be more than two in a scene at a time. Wearing military clothing. All wear masks except for the boss and the final guard.

Length: Around 15 minutes

Gerda is an agent on a mission to assassinate a dangerous terrorist before he can launch a nuke. She enters the base and comes across a guard. He is surprised and points his g...n at her and asks how she got in. Completely calm, she tells him she’s here to eliminate the boss and warns him that he’ll be destroyed too if he doesn’t let her through. He prepares to shoot but she kicks the g...n out of his hands and she proceeds to beat him up. He attempts to fight back but she dodges and blocks his punches and kicks and beats him pretty easily. She finishes him by piercing his throat with a two finger strike like in the Crushing hands videos.

Next she comes into a room with two guards and when they question what she is doing, she says she eliminated their friend and they will soon join. They attack and she fights them both, similar to the ones from the “You’d better not touch me” series with them fighting hard and Gerda blocking and dodging their attacks throughout the fight. They do manage to get some hits on her though. Eventually she knocks one of them to the wall and pins him with her boot and after choking him for a few seconds, she twists her heel and breaks his neck. The other one gets up but she knocks him down and gets him into headscissors and chokes him out.

She moves into another room and sneaks behind a guard and grabs him into a chokehold. As the guard struggles to breath and escape she demands that he tell her where the boss is. He continues to struggle so she tightens her grip and asks again, louder and angrier. After a few seconds he tells her and she chokes him out.

She comes to the door to the boss’s room and finds another guard in front of it. She tells him she wants the boss but he says no one gets through. She fights him for a little (again with him fighting back and maybe getting a few hits). It then shows the boss inside of the room on his computer. He looks up and hears fighting noises outside the door. 

It cuts back to Gerda and she kicks the guard through the door right into the boss’s view, surprising him. As the guard attempts to crawl away she walks up, pulls a blade from the guard’s belt/pocket and slashes his throat. She then tosses the blade aside.

Gerda looks at the boss and tells him that was the last of his henchmen and that he’s next and that she’ll be taking his nuclear data too. He tells her that she’ll regret coming here  and takes a flash drive out of his computer and puts it in his pocket. Both Gerda and the boss get into martial arts stances and begin to fight. The boss is a much better fighter than the henchmen and the fight is even for a while. It goes back and forth with both Gerda and the boss taking plenty of hits. Eventually, the boss begins to hit Gerda more and pins her to a wall or the floor and begins choking her. She manages to hit the side of his neck with a well placed karate chop and proceeds to overwhelm him with him attempting to fight back but Gerda blocks and dodges his attacks. He picks up the guard's blade at one point but Gerda dodges his strikes and kicks it out of his hands and she proceeds to beat him until he’s on his knees. She walks behind him as he starts to beg for mercy but Gerda places her hands on his head and snaps his neck. She then reaches into his pocket and grabs the flash drive and puts it in her boot. She puts her hands on her hips and steps on the boss’s chest in a victory pose and the camera pans from the boss to Gerda’s face. She then leaves, satisfied that the mission is complete.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Secret agent Gerda deals with a gang

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