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  • Sasha rescues her boyfriend

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Number of Participants: 3 (Sasha and two males)

Attire: 1. Casual clothes/ dress in the opening scene

2. Black latex top with high heeled boots for the majority of the film

Story: Sasha was once a hitwoman for a criminal but a few years ago she decided to go straight and left his organization.

Sasha and her boyfriend are returning home from a date (She can wear something casual or a nice dress.) They had a good time and are in love. A masked man sneaks up behind Sasha and hits her in the back of the head, knocking her to the ground. She is dazed and watches her boyfriend fight the bad guy to defend her. The villain is a much better fighter and beats up Sasha’s boyfriend, knocking him out. He then goes up to Sasha (who is on the ground but conscious) and knocks her out.

Sasha wakes up to find a letter. It is from her old criminal boss. He is angry that she left the organization and has captured her boyfriend. Sasha must now go to rescue him.

She enters the base, now wearing the latex top from “Mortal Combat. Rhea vs Sasha”, “Sasha challenges Brian for a fight to give him a lot of kicks”, and “Sasha destroys the men with her legs” and also the boots from Sasha slaps Konstantin's face for his bad behavior and “Kiss Sasha's boots and perhaps she'll spare you”.(No pants. Her legs are otherwise bare) There should be brief scenes of her eliminating three or four guards in various ways using her fighting skills as she makes her way to the boss’s room.

After Sasha finishes the last guard, we cut to the boss. (He doesn’t wear a mask). He is beating Sasha’s boyfriend who is tied to a chair. He says “I can’t believe she left me for a weakling like you”.

Sasha enters the room and demands that he stop. The boss turns to her and smiles. He says “I see your skills haven’t diminished if you managed to make it here. You were always my best hitwoman. Now leave this weakling and return to me” He hurts Sasha’s boyfriend again.

Sasha looks at her boyfriend with concern and tells him reassuringly “It’s okay baby, I’ll save you” She then turns her attention to the boss and says she’ll never return to him and she’ll finish him off for hurting her boyfriend. The boss tells her that if she won’t come back then he’ll destroy her and her boyfriend.

Sasha and the boss get into fighting positions and begin to fight. There should be a good back and forth where both of them dodge, block and land plenty of hits on each other. The boss slowly gains the upper hand and starts to land more hits on Sasha. Eventually he knocks her down and goes to beat up her boyfriend some more. This gives Sasha the motivation she needs to get up. The boss attacks her again but she manages to block and dodge more attacks and lands more of her own. Sasha gradually takes control of the fight and begins to beat the boss with a series of furious punches and kicks. She finishes with a side kick to the stomach like this:

It causes him to fall to his knees in pain. Sasha then gets behind him and grabs him into a headlock but he gets up and tries to shake her off. Sasha keeps her arm wrapped around his neck and wraps her legs around him as well like this:

As he struggles to breathe and runs out of air, the boss falls to the ground and Sasha keeps hold of him (with her legs still wrapped around him)

The boss runs out of air and loses consciousness and Sasha jerks her arm one last time, snapping his neck.

Sasha gets up and goes to untie her boyfriend who is still weak and injured from the beating. In a worried, concerned voice she sweetly says “Oh baby I’m sorry I didn’t tell you about my past. It’s alright now though. He’s gone and can’t hurt you any more.” She and her boyfriend share a tender hug and hold hands as they walk away.

Notes: As usual, I like for the fights to be fluid. Sasha is great in the films I’ve seen her in (Sasha Avenges herself and Sasha Schoolgirl in white panties) so I’m sure she’ll do great. I like a variety of techniques in the fights and please include a decent amount of face kicks.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Sasha rescues her boyfriend

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