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  • Agents Naomi and Melanie eliminate their targets

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Scene 1 (about 5 mins total): Start with Naomi in an outdoor setting, wearing a skirt, red pantyhose and boots. She tells the viewer she is a secret agent and she is going to hunt down a target. She demonstrates her kicks towards the camera for 1 min, and then walks into the distance. She meets a masked male who is her target, and she fights him with kicks for 1 minute, holds him in a foot choke, and then kicks him down. On the ground, she applies a headscissor choke. She asks the target - "have you been bad or have you been good? If you are good, I will let you go. But if you have been bad, I will finish you off." The target does not answer because he cannot breathe, so Naomi says "I think that means you have been bad" and breaks his neck.  

Scene 2 (about 5 min total): Start with Gerda in an office setting. She wears an office uniform, white or tan pantyhose, and boots, hair tied up. She also says she is going to hunt down a target and she is in disguise, and then demonstrates kicks towards the camera (1 min). A masked man walks in and she challenges him to a fight. He starts confident but misses a few swings and Gerda starts beating him with high kicks for 1 minute. She knocks him down and sits on his chest, lets her hair down, takes her boots off and puts her feet in his face. The man manages to push her off, but she gets up, kicks him a few more times and gets him in a foot choke. She asks "have you been bad or have you been good?" but the target cannot answer because he cannot breathe. Gerda says "so you have been bad then" and breaks his neck. 

Scene 3: (about 10 mins) Naomi and Gerda meet together in a room wearing their costumes from their earlier scenes. They have their hair down. They briefly tell each other about the fights they just had and demonstrate the kicks they used towards the camera (2-3 mins). They help each other train. They take off their boots and put on black pantyhose and demonstrate more kicks to the camera (1-2 minutes). A masked man walks in and the girls start fighting him with their high kicks. They knock him down, and while Gerda has the guy in a headscissor Naomi puts her feet in his face. The girls then do a double bodyscissor, and then take turns doing the splits onto his face, neck or chest. They take turns to hold him down, while one girl holds him down, the other puts her boots on. They then pull him up and use breast smothers on him, and with boots, kicks him in the face for 1-2 mins. Gerda and Naomi get him against the wall and both put him in a boot choke. Naomi asks "have you been bad or have you been good?" and the target answers "good". Gerda says, "I believe him". The girls start taking off their boots. The man asks what they are doing, and the girls say that while they will let him live, they can't let him remember the fight. They push him against a pole or pillar and put their feet in his face until he is out. 

Scene 4: (about 10 mins) The viewer is the last target for Naomi and Gerda. They walk in wearing secret agent costume leather skirt, boots and black pantyhose, and start doing a dance for the viewer, with high kicks and cartwheels (1-2 mins). They are slow and graceful and ask "do you like it?" and they take turns putting their boots on the viewer's legs, chest and face (1-2 mins). Then one of the girls says "we know you are the last target" and kicks the viewer. They use high kicks on the camera for 2-3 mins, they are playful and enjoying themselves. They knock the viewer down and perform headscissors, bodyscissors, foot chokes and splits on chest in pov. They pull the viewer up, push him against a wall and both put their boots on his neck and ask "have you been good or have you been bad?" and the viewer says "good". The girls take their boots off and put their feet into the lens.

Fade to black, and then fade back in with the girls looking down on the viewer. Gerda says "actually we know you have been bad. You can't lie to us." She pulls the viewer up and Naomi and Gerda hit the viewer with high kicks. They take turns scissoring the viewer whilst the other puts their feet on the lens. Gerda says "time for him to be destroyed" and they use scissors to break the viewer's neck. 

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Agents Naomi and Melanie eliminate their targets

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