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  • Ronda's mission is to eliminate the witness

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Six male actors, including five male police officers, and one witness.

Five male police officers wore police uniforms and one witness wore a suit

1. In the last video, the hitwoman naomi finished the police witness.More than a year later, the police found another taint witness willing to accuse Group A of committing crimes in court.

The sheriff said to the witness: rest assured, I have arranged four police elites to protect you, each is very strong and experienced.

The witness said anxiously: group A also has a well-known hitwoman, very terrible, can you protect me?

The sheriff smiled: there are 50 males bandits were destroyed in my hands, there is no hitwoman, I hope that person is the first hitwoman who died in my hands.

2. hitwoman in training, the phone rang, is the boss called over: we this have another traitor, intend to testify, there are 5 damn police to protect him, now naomi health is not good, can you go out?

The hitwoman smiled: OK, tomorrow there will be 6 bodies lying in the villa, give me the address.

The boss reminds her: you will finish him, but also make him to tell the whereabouts of the evidence U disk.

The hitwoman said: no problem

3. Witness lived in a two-story villa with a police patrol outside, two officers on the first floor, and two officers in witness's room

4. hitwoman sneaked into the villa, was found by the male police outside the villa, male police raised a shot, but did not launch a bullet shooter was kicked away by the hitwoman, the two sides launched a fierce fight, The hitwoman fought with the police with a dagger and finally pierced the throat of the first policeman with a dagger.Then she punctured the tires of the police car parked outside the villa.

5. The hitwoman found the key to the front door of the villa on the male police, and then quietly opened the door and sneaked into the villa. Entering the villa, the hitwoman was found by two police officers on the first floor.Eventually the hitwoman finishs two police officers.

6. After finishing the two police officers, the hitwoman went upstairs and found the room where the witness was through keen judgment. The sheriff ordered a police officer to stay and fight the hitwoman, he escorted the witness downstairs to escape in the car.But the police beat the hitwoman, was finished by the hitwoman.like this

7. hitwoman jumped from the second floor, chasing the witness, the sheriff threw the witness car key, let the witness car away, she left to hitwoman, hitwoman by the beginning, the mask was removed, and then hitwoman through a word horse (shown below) severely hit the Sheriff's crotch, get the initiative, finally through the way of the figure below to finish the sheriff,The male policeman vomited red liquid and dyed the white sneakers of the hitwoman in red

8. The witness to launch the vehicle, but the car tires broken, the car can't drive, the witness then give up the vehicle escape,

The hitwoman caught up with the witness. The witness knelt down and begged for mercy. The hitwoman stunned him and escorted to the room, then interrogated (multiple kicks, boxing), the witness can not stand, tell the whereabouts of the secret U disk, hitwoman get after the way to finish the witness.

9. After success, the hitwoman filmed the body of the witness and called the boss: the task is completed, the witness has gone to heaven.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Ronda's mission is to eliminate the witness

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