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  • Rhea deals the bandits tickling them

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Scene 1

Rhea looks into a room to see a guard sitting at a computer. She walks in quietly so the guy doesn't notice and sits next to him, surprising him. He raises his fist to punch her but she smiles

at him and raises her feet, wiggling her toes and circling them in different patterns. He freezes, watching her feet. Rhea laughs and says "You are enchanted - You will have to do as I say! Ok,

let's play a game. When I say "freeze", you won't be able to move until I say 'Go'. You'll wake up when I click my toes."

Rhea clicks her toes and the criminal wakes up and wants to attack her. Rhea runs a short distance and he chases her. She lets him catch up and he raises his fist to punch her. She says

"freeze!" and he is unable to move. Rhea tests how frozen he is and laughs at him. She moves behind him, putting her hands on his sides and says "go!". He punches the place where Rhea

was and she tickles him. Then she lets the criminal attack her again. Again she freezes him just before he can punch her. Again moving into a different position to tickle him once she unfreezes

him. She freezes him a few more times, perhaps playing a few other tricks on him if you can think of any. After this, the criminal tries to run away from her, but she freezes him again and

jumps on his back. She unfreezes him and tickles him and he collapses. She tickles him till he is on the floor and then victoriously poses on him.

Scene 2

Rhea is sitting at the desk with her feet up. A karate fighter enters and Rhea confidently gets up to fight him. Shr prepares by stretching and wiggling her fingers. The karate fighter bows to Rhea, and adopts a

fight stance. Instead of bowing back, Rhea blows him a kiss. The guard looks confused at what she is doing and Rhea takes the initiative, darting forward to tickle his middle aggressively before he can react,

as below. Note that I like this camera angle as it shows full length and includes Rhea’s face.

The attacker collapses and Rhea backs off, letting him get up again.As soon as he does, Rhea dives in again, tickling him aggressively before he has a chance to do any karate. This repeats a few times, with

Rhea mocking the karate fighter sometimes. Next Rhea gives the karate fighter a chance to swing at her.

But she easily blocks his punches and pokes him in between to tickle him a little. Then she tickles him until he collapses onto the floor again.

While he is recovering Rhea dances past him to a chair, raising her soles to the fighter and wiggling her toes at him saying "come to get me!" Please film this from the perspective below, which will show Rhea's

face and soles or from the point of view of the man but NOT from Rhea's point of view:

The guard attacks with punches but Rhea moves her feet to dodge his punches. She teases him and mocks him as he keeps failing to hit her. After a while she slips her feet under his arms and tickles him

with her toes as above. He laughs and retreats. Then he tries again, but again Rhea dodges and tickles him with her toes again. This repeats for a few minutes until the man falls to the ground.

Scene 3

Rhea enters a room like she is being chased. She quickly hides behind the door. A boxer enters and walks round the room slowly looking for her. Rhea quietly follows him closely around the room, staying

very close behind him so he cannot see her. The boxer pauses, confused that he cannot find her and Rhea tickles him from behind until he collapses. Then she moves away and faces him like a boxer. He

swings at her a lot but she is too fast and keeps ducking, sometimes tickling him as she dodges passed him and sometimes tickling him enough that he collapses. Valerie was really good at this as below.

After a good tickling the boxer falls to the floor. Rhea twists his mask round so that he cannot see. Rhea plays cat-and-mouse with him, tugging his shirt and calling, clapping and clicking her fingers before

moving away so he tries to hit her but misses. The boxer should be really bad at trying to find her. I would like Rhea to mix in some tickling with the teasing. So sometimes she pokes him to get his attention and

sometimes she tickles him a little before backing off and making him punch and miss again. Sometimes she gets really close before tickling, enjoying that the boxer does not know she is there. Valerie was great

at this tool, as below.

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Rhea deals the bandits tickling them

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