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  • Valerie gets captured and carried

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VALERIE enters the scene. She’s barefoot, red lipstick, and wears the grey one-piece swimsuit from “THE FAILED ARREST OF MELANIE” (*REFERENCE 01), which in this case, includes a utility belt (*REFERENCE 02). The camera reveals her starting from her feet and stopping on her head. She’s walking across the hallway, until someone behind her screams her to stop. She’s being held at shooter point, but she isn’t caught by surprise.

THUG #01: Stop right there! Put your hands up! Now! Turn around!

VALERIE faces the villain with her arms up, smiling with confidence. Acting quick, she disarms the criminal and punches him. A struggle starts but it ends quickly after THUG #02 shows up. He hits VALERIE with a metal pipe on the head, causing her to let go of THUG #01. She tries to stay conscious, but after some steps, her back touches the corner of a wall and she slides into the ground slowly, with some K.O “aahh…” (*REFERENCE 03 FOR CAMERA ANGLE, FOLLOW HER INTO THE GROUND).



VALERIE is in the ground, on fetal position, mouth closed (*REFERENCE 04). Her head moves around, slowly. The thugs approach her, and one of them kicks her stomach just in case.

THUG #01: She’s done.

THUG #02: I hope so. This stupid metal pipe just broke!

THUG #01: I’m sure it was like that before. Quick, let’s take her into the base.

THUG #02: I call legs.

Thug #02 and Thug #01 kneel each other to grab VALERIE and lift her from the ground (*REFERENCE 04 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). Thug #02 grabs her ankles with each hand, staring front-ward instead of staring to her (*REFERENCE 05), while Thug #01 grabs under her armpits, twisting her and turning her upside (*REFERENCE 05). VALERIE leaves some sleepy “aaahh…” sound while this happens. They stay some seconds trying to grab her right, and then they lift her up. They spend some 4 seconds more trying to accommodate their hands and start to move on (*REFERENCE 06). The camera follows them for some more (10/15 seconds), focused on VALERIE’s body (*REFERENCE 06 FOR BODY POSITION AND CAMERA ANGLE). (BASICALLY AN EXPANDED VERSION OF *VIDEO REFERENCE 01).



VALERIE spends carried for 2 minutes straight (*ARMS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 09 + LEGS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 08. THUG #01 GRABS UNDER HER ARMPITS). The camera, while moving, focus her feet (*REFERENCE 07 FOR CAMERA ANGLE), then her thighs (*REFERENCE 08 FOR CAMERA ANGLE), then her upper body (*REFERENCE 09 + REFERENCE 32 FOR CAMERA ANGLE AND BODY POSITION), and then her biceps and her head (*REFERENCE 10 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). The camera also keeps using multiple angles to focus her. In some angles, the camera stays quiet and watches how the thugs approach the camera slowly with VALERIE carried, so the camera just roots and shows VALERIE when they are close enough (*REFERENCE 11, 12 AND 13 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). In some angles, the camera follows VALERIE from her side, focused on her chest area and depicting her biceps, which moves involuntarily while being carried (*REFERENCE 14-1 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). In some angles, the camera focus VALERIE’s thighs side (*REFERENCE 31 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). Her mouth stays closed



The thugs stop themselves, since VALERIE was going to fall into the ground (*REFERENCE 14-2 FOR ARMS POSITION (THUG #01 GRABS UNDER HER ARMPITS) + REFERENCE 08 FOR LEGS POSITION).

THUG #01: Wait, wait, I’m losing my grip!

They put VALERIE into the ground slowly (*REFERENCE 15 FOR BODY POSITION). The thugs take some air. The camera shows VALERIE in the ground while the thugs speak:

THUG #01: I would’ve never thought a lady like this could be this heavy!

THUG #02: She’s pure muscle. But you’re enjoying it, right? Maybe we should change sides.

THUG #01: Yeah, right.

Camera stays on the ground far from them, but far enough to see VALERIE’s side into frame (*REFERENCE 16 FOR CAMERA POSITION). The thugs change sides and they pick her up again. This time, Thug #02 has a hard time grabbing VALERIE’s arms. Thug #01 has his hands on each knee (*REFERENCE 08), but Thug #02 keeps some seconds with VALERIE in mid-air, holding her under the armpits (*REFERENCE 17, 18 AND 19 FOR BODY POSITION). Finally, he secures his grip, holding VALERIE’s arms posed behind Thug #02’s elbows (*REFERENCE 20 FOR VALERIE’S ARMS POSITION). In this angle, and once VALERIE is lifted, we don’t see her upper face, just her lower face/armpits downward (*REFERENCE 21 FOR CAMERA ANGLE AND BODY POSITION + SHOW HER LOWER FACE/ARMPITS). The thugs move on into the camera and they pass it. The thighs, armpits and lower face can be seen still. No Fade-Out. Cut to:



Extreme Close-up into VALERIE’s face. The shoulders/armpits are still 50% visible. Her mouth is closed. Her body keeps moving side to side for being carried (*REFERENCE 22 FOR CAMERA ANGLE AND BODY POSITION + SHOW HER SHOULDERS/ARMPITS 50%). Suddenly, she starts to open her left eye, groggy, leaves an “aahhh…” again. She looks around, confused, still groggy (*REFERENCE 23).



Camera stays quiet in one side (*REFERENCE 24 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). The thugs come into vision, entering from one side of the hall. Thug #01 keeps grabbing VALERIE’s knees without problem (*REFERENCE 08), but Thug #02 is having trouble (*REFERENCE 20 FOR VALERIE’S ARMS POSITION + REFERENCE 20 FOR CAMERA ANGLE + THUG #02 GRABS HER UNDER THE ARMPITS). VALERIE’s upper body is too heavy for him, so he moves slower. VALERIE’s body is elongated a lot thanks to this, so she seems taller. Still, her upper body seems closer to the ground, while her legs are too up. She still has her arms wrapped behind Thug #02’s elbows. They pass the camera, and we can see VALERIE is trying to stay conscious, with her left eye opened and looking everywhere.



Close-Up into VALERIE’s face (*REFERENCE 25 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). She tries to move her head around, looking for an escape, until she focuses her attention into her utility belt.



Close-Up into VALERIE’s belt (*REFERENCE 26 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). She slips both hands slowly into it, carefully. She grabs her right pocket and once her hands touch it, she starts to open it slowly.



Close-Up into VALERIE’s face (*REFERENCE 23). She’s looking into her belt, and bites her lower lip for a second, trying to be as quick as she can. After 4 seconds, she keeps looking on-ward, sleepy.



The camera is on her right side, following her being carried (*REFERENCE 14-1). We can see her upper arms and thighs being carried and stay still, except her hands, that search for something inside the belt. Thug #02 lifts her some more to not lose his grip, which causes VALERIE to grab the thug’s elbows again for some seconds (*REFERENCE 14-1).



Close-Up into VALERIE’s belt (*REFERENCE 27). She finally gets something out of it: a gas pill. She shows it into the camera and closes the pocket quickly.




The camera follows the thugs across the hallway (*REFERENCE 28 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). VALERIE has her hands grabbing her utility belt and in one hand is the gas pill (*REFERENCE 28 FOR BODY POSITION), waiting for the right moment to act. She still has her left eye open.

THUG #01: What are we going to do with her anyway?

THUG #02: I don’t know… It’s been a while since we had company, we will improvise. My god, she’s heavier than she looks!! And her skin is so smooth…



Close-Up to VALERIE’s face (*REFERENCE 23). She delivers a one-liner triumphally, serious, still with her left eye open, looking straight at the camera.



The camera stays quiet (*REFERENCE 28 FOR CAMERA ANGLE). VALERIE, still carried, struggles and lifts her left arm, throwing the pill into the ground (*REFERENCE 29 AND 30 FOR BODY POSITION). SFX Smoke covers the three of them, and the only thing we hear are punches and kicks. Some seconds after, the smoke goes and the thugs are knocked out in the ground, with VALERIE standing triumphant. After kicking one of them into the stomach, she goes away, re-accommodating her shoulders/Armpits after being carried by so long. 



VALERIE’s POV. She’s in the ground, and she sees as how the thugs grab her knees and armpits and lift her from the ground (*ARMS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 09 + LEGS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 08 + THEY KEEP SOME SECONDS GETTING THEIR GRIP RIGHT). She sees all of it. She’s being carried for the rest of the minute. She focuses her armpits being held, her biceps, and her pelvis/thighs. She puts her arms behind the elbows of the thug grabbing her armpits and looks to both sides. Finally, she holds her belt and finds a gas pill in one of her pockets. Cut.

VALERIE (THINKING): *She doesn’t like being carried like that, they’re hurting her arms*.



THUG 01 POV. He’s picking VALERIE from the ground and holding her armpits, while looking at her body (*ARMS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 09 + HE KEEPS SOME SECONDS GETTING HIS GRIP RIGHT). Thug 02 has her legs (*LEGS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 08).



THUG 02 POV. He’s picking VALERIE from the ground and holding her knees, while looking at her body (*LEGS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 08 + HE KEEPS SOME SECONDS GETTING HIS GRIP RIGHT). Thug 01 has her armpits (*ARMS POSITION FROM REFERENCE 09).

Language: Russian with English subtitles



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Valerie gets captured and carried

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