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  • Lesley and Lora had Frank fooled

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Lesley and Lora are undercover agents, - posing as dancers at a high-end cabaret club, - often frequented by wealthy foreign "businessmen". - - - - - - - - - - - -In recent months, a number of the club,s dancers have vanished with no trace. - L and L. had noticed that some men in the audiences had a nefarious look about them,in the way they "leered" at the dance-girls, and that often, one of them had beckoned over the club Boss to whisper in his ear, - whilst pointing toward a performer on the stage. - - - - The girl-agents had quickly twigged the nature of the racket, - and were ready to act, knowing that club boss Frank "the Letch" McDweeb, was the likely "fixer" of the . - - - Soon enough, - Frank asks L. and L. to come to the club one morning ( when the building would be empty- " no witnesses " ) - to try out a new sexy dance routine and new costumes. - - - After the rehearsal, Frank tells them to come to his club-office for a drink to celebrate the launch of the new, sexy dance act. ( FILM STARTS AT THIS POINT )

L. and L. walk along the corridor with Frank, and into his office. - He hands them full glasses, and raves on jovially about what a big hit the dance act will be. - The girls play along, and do some skipping and dance-steps around the room, - and also "mocking" him a little by tapping his head, - pulling his tie crooked, prodding his belly, etc.-( but also keeping a lookout in case, e.g. any of his henchmen are hiding behind the sofa or other furniture.) - - - - - - - Frank goes to the side to fill his glass, - L. and L. take their opportunity to pour half their drinks in his plant pot, or waste paper bin. - Then when F. walks back over, he sees they,ve consumed most of their glasses. ( of course, they know the drinks were no doubt spiked. ) after a few seconds, L. and L. start acting " dizzy - swaying - reeling ", - F. starts rubbing his hands and going " har - har - har " in a sinister way. - When the girls are about to keel over, he lays them forwards, over and across the table - only their toe-tips still on the floor.

In a semi-frenzy with his apparent success, F. begins muttering and har-har-har--ing about his next moves, - as he runs his fingers over their pantyhosed thighs, - and does some light spanks too. - He says : - " I,ll hide these dolls in the back room, - then call Fat Louie and Big Tony and tell them two more beauties are ready for taking to the van." - He stands one girl up and pulls her forward over his shoulder. While she is draped there, holding her ots with one hand, he picks up his fone with his other hand and makes the call, - whilst slowly walking in a circle around the room a few times. - He carries her into the next room and lays her down, - then comes back and repeats the same actions with the other girl. - But at the point where he opens the door with the second girl over his shoulder, - she elbows the side of his head and springs back down to the floor, - and at the same instant the 1st. girl zooms out of the back room.

L. and L. can now reveal that they had him fooled about being "out-cold". - Before they start their martial- arts moves on him, - one girl says " It,s fun getting carried around, - now gimme a piggyback Frank! ", - then leaps on his back for a while, and slapping his head around. - She leaps off and the second girl says " you can give me a cradle carry Frank", and swings herself up into his extended arms, - and also doing some high-speed wacking to his face. - L. and L. then give him their full Demolition - Treatment ( which won,t need Scripting by me. ) - Finally, when F. is left in a heap on the floor or the sofa, L. and L. wait poised against the wall either side of the entrance door, - ready to pulverize the two henchmen when they show up.

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Lesley and Lora had Frank fooled

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