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  • Battle for the family dojo

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Sasha’s family had a dojo for years at but 5 years ago a gang of fighters from the nearest village came and win the dojo by fighting and beating her father and brother. Now it’s time for Sasha to reclaim her family’s dojo.

Scene opens with Teacher and his student practing in karate. Then Sasha enters the room. 

Sasha: so you are the guys who stole our family dojo 5 years ago. 

Teacher: and you are you 

Sasha: this dojo belongs to my father 

Teacher: We won this dojo because your father wasn’t good enough to fight with us and we beat him easily. So was your brother. I remember he was crying for mercy. 

Sasha: this time you will be crying for mercy when you will be under my feet. (Sasha points the ground under her foot).

Teachers smiles hironicaly. 

Teacher: You really think that you can beat a man in a karate fight? It’s better for you to leave. We don’t want to hurt you.

Sasha: You are afraid that you will lose if you face me? I can beat you up easily.

Teacher: I see that you are stubborn. My student will try not to beat you hard. 

Sasha: Lets wear something more suitable for the occasion 

The fight begins. Student tries to punch Sasha but all his kicks are not find their target. Sasha defend her self and after only one kick she manage to send her opponent on the ground. Then she approaches him and steps on him.

Sasha: that’s all you can do?

Teacher: get up now

Students gets up angry and tries again to kick Sasha but again none of his attacks works. Sasha kicks him again with multiple high kick and with a bicycle kick sends him again to the ground. She then place her foot on his chest.

Sasha: maybe we should left him rest a bit. I see that he can’t stand on his feet. How long does he training.

Teacher: all his life

Sasha: he is training all his life and now he is underneath my foot helpless. What a waiste of time.

As she talks she steps on his body and walking to the teacher. 

Teacher gets up and take place to fight her. 

After two minutes of fighting Sasha sends him to the ground using a reverse kick to his chest. 

She places her foot on his chest

Sasha: You supposed to be a master in karate? No man can stand against me. You think that you are the stronger sex but that’s bulshit. 

She then steps on him and goes to his student and steps on him also.

She tries to wake up the student rubbing her foot on his balls. He wakes up.

Sasha: It seems that you don’t have any chance if you fight me alone. Maybe if both of you try at the same time you have a better luck. 

Teacher and his student are determined to beat up her so they take their place. 

The both try no to kick her but Sasha avoids all of their kicks easily and manages to kick them hard. After one minute Sasha beat both of them and they are now lying on the ground. Student on his back, teacher on his stomach Sasha approach student first and put her feet on his chest. 

Sasha: Even 2 big men cannot win a woman in an unfair fight. You are pathetic losers and you deserve to be under my foot. 

Then she rise her foot over his face.

Sasha: kiss my foot now looser. 

Student shamed kiss her foot

Sasha steps on his chest and walking to the teacher. She steps on his back and turns of. She rolls his body and now he is on his back. 

Sasha: you don’t deserve to be the owner of this dojo. I humiliate you easily. Kiss my foot looser. 

Teacher ashamed kisses her foot.

She steps again on his chest.

The she drags both men bodies on the center side by side.

Sasha climbs on both of them standing with one foot on each. 

Sasha: You have 1 hour to get your stuff and get the hell out of my dojo. 

Then she step down and walking to get her clothes stepping again on their bodies. 

She wear her clothes and walking to leave stepping again on their bodies laughing.

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Battle for the family dojo

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