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  • Don't be rude with Ivy or she will stomp your chest

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Ivy is working as a secretary to the local dojo. The video starts by showing Ivy sitting in the desk working on her laptop/tablet. Suddenly the Sensei enters the room and shouts at Ivy with anger why she didn’t finishes the report she asked her the previous day. Ivy puts her legs on the table and warns Sensei not to talk to her like that cause he will regret it. Sensei furious, walks to her in order to hit her but se push him away with her leg on his chest. Ivy tells him that he should stop now else she will beat him up. Sensei doesn’t seem to be scared and he starts to trying to hit her but she avoids all of his attacks. After some kicks, he tries again to hit her, she avoids him again and she kicks him in the back that sends him on the ground face down. Ivy walks up to him and steps on his back and tells him how pathetic he is. Then she uses him as stepstone in order to take of her boots. After she gets up and using her foot she rolls him in order to be with his back on the ground. She places her foot on his groin and she rubs it. She asks him if he surrender but he is not giving up get. She steps on him as she walks to the mats and tells him to fight her again. As he gets up, she removes her skirt and prepares to fight. The fight begins again. After 3-4 kicks she sends him to the ground and steps on him. The same is repeated for the next 2-3 minutes until the Sensei is completely beaten lying on the ground. Ivy then satisfied, climbs on his chest with both feet. She verbally humiliates him by telling how pathetic look under her foot etc. She climbs down and puts her sole over his face and commands him to kiss it. He kisses it humiliated. She steps on him again in order to go to get her shoes. She sits on him and wears the shoes. After that she goes up, puts her boot on his chest stomps his chest (like cutting a ciggarette - please check the video “stomping”). Finally she steps on him as she returns on her desk.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Don't be rude with Ivy or she will stomp your chest

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