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  • Secret agent in pink bikini

Agent Carly has got a new mission to destroy the boss of local gang. However to reach him she need to pass a bunch of his bodyguards. Carly has her own opinion how must look secret agent. Her choice fell on a revealing pink bikini to distract the attention of the bandits with her incomparable body. Agent Carly has no mercy. She snapped the neck of the 1st one with her bare hands. She broke the neck of the 2nd thug pressing him against the wall with his outstretched leg. The agent finished the 3rd bodyguard twisting his neck with her thighs. Finally she reached the boss. She met him with a kick to his balls. He tried to shoot her but she were faster, she kicked the weapon from his head and punched his face so many times that broke his nose and knocked his teeth out. Then she put his on his knees and snapped his neck with 1 hand.

Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Secret agent in pink bikini

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  • Product Length: 15 minutes
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