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  • Vivien destroys the bad men

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A living room. Something simple but with enough room not to get in the way of the characters while they fight. Vivien is dressed in a tee-short or top, skirt and boots.

Vivien appears in the middle of the room, she looks at the camera.


Hi girls, today i am going to show how to protect yourself from sewage rats that call themselves men.

Subtitles in french: Hé les filles, aujourd’hui je vais vous montrer comment vous protéger des rats d’égout qui se disent hommes.


First fight.

A man walks into the room and walks up to Vivien.


Hello, are you all alone? Don’t you want us to have a good time together? Come on, be nice, I’m sure you’ll love this.

Subtitles in french: Bonjour, tu es toute seule? Tu ne veux pas que nous passions un bon moment ensemble? Allez, sois gentille, je suis sûr que tu vas adorer ça.

the man takes Vivien’s arm but Vivien withdraws her arm.


Leave me alone.

Subtitles in french: Laissez-moi tranquille.

the man is more threatening.


it’s good, don’t be pretentious, okay?

Subtitles in french: c’est bon, ne pas ta prétentieuse, d’accord?

He grabs Vivien’s arm again but Vivien grabs his wrist and she twists his arm, the man screams.


Stopped !

Subtitles in french: Arrêté !

lilian the coward and the man, furious, wants to give him a slap but Vivien avoids him, the man tries to grab Vivien by the throat ... (You imagine a fight, head kick, fists, feet, scissors...) the man finished on the ground and lilian

puts his foot on the man’s throat, twisting his arm, she looks at the camera.


And here, with a few precise blows, the strong man who wanted to dominate you, becomes a little being who is afraid, who begs you...

Subtitles in french: Et voilà, avec quelques coups précis, l’homme fort qui voulait vous dominer, devient un petit être qui a peur, qui vous supplie ...

Vivien twists the man’s arm.


second fight

Vivien is all alone in the middle of the room, looking at the camera.


Sometimes we meet men who are even more sewer rat and cowardly.

Subtitles in french: Parfois, nous rencontrons des hommes encore plus rat d’égout et lâches.

A hooded man appears to one side of the room, slowly approaching Vivien.

Vivien turns to the man threatening her.


You do what I tell you 

Subtitles in french: Tu fais ce que je te dis ou sinon je te tue.

Vivien doesn’t answer.


Take off your clothes.

Subtitles in french: Déshabilles-toi.

Vivien doesn’t move.


I said take off your clothes!

Subtitles in french: J’ai dis, enlèves tes vêtements !

Vivien kicks him in the balls, kicks his hand, and a circular kick in the face... (you imagine a fight, punch in the face, kick in the stomach and also in the face, kick knee in the balls again and on

the face, nudge ..) at the end, the man is on the ground, Vivien comes closer and she crushes his wrist, she squats down and she puts the weapon on the man’s throat then she looks at the camera and she says.


Now the cowardly man is afraid for his little life, he cries and begs you ...

Subtitles in french: Maintenant, le lâche a peur pour sa petite vie, il pleure et vous supplie ...

Vivien rams the blade in.


No pity.

Subtitles in french: Pas de pitié.


third fight

Vivien has a purse, she’s in the middle of the room, then she looks at the camera.


In the evening, you wait for the Bus, there is nobody.

Subtitles in french: Le soir, vous attendez le bus, il n’y a personne.

A man with a balaclava still appears to the side, walks over and pulls out a pistol.


Give me your bag!

Subtitles in french: Donnes-moi ton sac !

Vivien looks at him then she hands him her bag, the man wants to take it but Vivien drops him on the floor so the man is furious, he threatens Vivien. (You imagine how she disarms the thug then a fight ...) At the end, the man is on

his stomach, Vivien picks up her bag and she takes out her cell phone then she looks at the camera and she says.


When your attacker is neutralized, you call the police .

Subtitles in french: Lorsque votre agresseur est neutralisé, vous appelez la police .

The man on the ground raises his head and sees his pistol.


Make sure the man can no longer use his weapon.

Subtitles in french: Assurez-vous que l’homme ne peut plus utiliser son arme.

Vivien sees the man’s arm reaching for the weapon. Vivien walks up.


If it’s not the case...

Subtitles in french: Si ce n’est pas le cas...

Vivien steps on the hand of the man.


You prevent him from taking his weapon by putting your foot on his hand and you call the police ...

Subtitles in french: Vous l’empêchez de prendre son arme en mettant votre pied sur sa main et vous appelez la police ...

Vivien puts the cellphone to her ear.


âllo the police ...

Subtitles in french: Âllo la police..

Vivien looks down at the man then she kicks him in the face with her heel and the man is KOed.


... I’m calling about an attempted aggression at 42 Stanford Bridge.

Subtitles in french:... J’appelle pour une tentative d’agression au 42 Stanford Bridge.

Vivien puts her cell phone away then puts her foot on the man’s back.


Language: Russian with English subtitles

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Vivien destroys the bad men

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