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  • Carly and Sasha beat information out of the guy

Custom clip request 

I'd like to order another custom, similar to the other three where a tied up man is BEATEN UP with a pillowcase over his head.  This one would be two female thugs BEATING information about a "shipment of merchandise" out of a rival gang member they want to steal.  The exact type of merchandise is not important and need not be specifically mentioned.  Could be drugs, stolen merchandise, contraband, or anything really....

Carly and Sasha to be the two women.  BOTH wearing short shorts, black crew socks, work/hiking/combat boots (or sneakers), tank top or sports bra and black leather gloves (same/similar as in the other 3).  English speaking is preferred.  I'm going to write it with yours and Sasha's names, but, again, any two will do and can even be someone not named here.  Whoever you think will be best, and the roles are interchangeable.  The victim/target should be on the smaller side and be casually dressed.  I'd like some POV shots if possible.  

​Two female thugs are waiting in a living room or office.  Both wearing shorts, black crew socks, sneakers and/or work boots, black leather gloves, tank tops or sports bras.  A fairly well/casually dressed man (slacks, nice shirt and shoes) enters and is immediately attacked.  Carly surprises him with a few quick punches in the face, and he spins around toward Sasha.  Sasha punches him several times in the face, a few times in the stomach and knees him in the chin when he doubles over.  Carly grabs him from behind in a choke hold and knocks him out.  Sasha hits him a couple more times in the stomach to help subdue him as he's choked out.

​Fade to several minutes later.  The man is sitting in a chair, tied up with a pillowcase over his head.  Carly is casually sitting in a chair or on a sofa facing him with one or both leg(s) pulled up toward her chest or crossed.  Sasha is standing next to her with arms folded looking very foreboding and dangerous.  The man wakes up.

Carly: "We know there is a shipment coming in tonight.  You're going to tell us about it."

He denies knowing what she's talking about.

Carly:  "We'll beat it out of you if that's what it takes, but sooner or later you WILL tell us. Do you really want to get BEATEN UP?"

Again, he denies knowing anything.

Carly:  "That's fine.  We have no problem BEATING YOU UP as bad as it takes, and we do a hell of a job as I'm sure you can guess" she says casually.

Carly motions to Sasha, who happily punches him in the face with many hard rights and lefts (hooks, jabs, crosses), then knocks him out of the chair with a powerful round house kick to the face.  She obviously enjoys it a bit more than just being a job.

Carly gets up and squats down by his head and tries to convince him to talk as he moans and groans.

Carly:  "I know that hurt, but I'm sure you know we can much worse."

The man begs and asserts he knows nothing.

Carly:  "Maybe some fingers need breaking."

MAN:  "NO!  Please!"

Carly motions to Sasha who squats down and breaks some fingers on one of his hands.  He shrieks in agony.

Carly:  "Will you talk now, or do we break some more fingers?"

He still denies knowing anything.

​SASHA:  "Maybe a busted kneecap or two will get him talking."

​He begs and protests.

Carly:  "My friend wants to break your legs.  What do you think?"

MAN:  "NO, PLEASE!  I don't know what you're talking about."

SASHA:  "Let's break his legs."

Carly:  "Not yet.  He'll be too hard to handle with a busted leg or two.  Break some more fingers."

Sasha does as told, over his pleading.

Carly: ​"Hold him.  I guess we're gonna BEAT HIM UP real bad...."

A happy Sasha brings him to his feet and holds him firmly from behind.  Carly clenches her fists and raises them in a boxing like stance, and pummels him in the face with numerous rights and lefts (crosses, hooks, jabs, uppercuts).

Carly:  "Tell us about the shipment, or we'll BEAT YOU UP so bad you'll be unrecognizable and never look the same."

He still denies knowing what she's talking about.  She delivers a series of rights and lefts to his gut, knees to his chin and many more punches to his face as Sasha holds him tight.  


​MAN:  "I can't."

Carly:  "Well, at least now you admit you know.  I know you're hurting and your face is BUSTED UP real bad, but it will only get worse.  Talk, or we'll keep BEATING YOU UP!  You know what kind of a job we can do on you."

Again he says he can't.

​For the next couple of minutes they pound his face and body with every kind of punch imaginable, knees, and toss in a few kicks here and there in various positions.  Holding him, squatting down on the floor with his back against a wall or one holding him in a squatting position from behind, knocking him all around the room and back and forth to each other, and holding him in standing positions as well as just hitting him alternately against the wall and back and forth to each other they barely let up till finally he says he'll tell them what they want to know.  They sit him on the floor or or back in the chair.

​MAN:  "It's coming in on pier 12 on a ship called The Radcliff.  The container number is 46573297.  It's being picked up by Sergio's Trucking Company."  He says struggling to breath and speak.


​Carly:  "If you're lying were going to smash you're face and whole body into little pieces."

Sasha smiles a little as she clenches her fists, punches her palm and rubs her fist a couple of times.

​FADE TO SEVERAL HOURS LATER.  They're sitting around still waiting for confirmation that the shipment has been acquired by thier gang.  Carly gets a text and declares that it's done.

Carly:  "We got it."

They get up and stand next to him.  He's still sitting in the chair or on the floor, moaning and groaning. 

Carly:  "You did well...you're boss will know you didn't give up the information easily."

Then, without warning, they start beating him up again.  Over and over, mostly in the face.  When he falls, they pick him up, put him back in the chair and continue.  They also knock him around the room, beat him on the floor in squatting positions, holding him for each other, etc.  As many different positions and types of punches, kicks, stomps and knees as possible.

After a very viscious, sever and thorough beating, one of them squats on the floor with both knees on the floor and holds his legs up by his ankles over her head.  The other stomps his knees with a couple of kicking stomps to each knee.  The man shrieks in agony.  One of them squats down and gives him another several shots in the face.  The other then gets down on the floor and wraps a leg firmly around his neck and holds him between her thigh and calf while the other helps hold him still as he struggles for his life.  Her calf (and thigh) should be very tight and bulging under his chin, as well as the expression on her face as she squeezes.

​Once he's on the floor, they causally leave without any fanfare....

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Carly and Sasha beat information out of the guy

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