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  • It's just her job nothing personal. Sasha and Rob join

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A man enters a dark room - maybe his apartment, bedroom or office.  As soon as he turns on the lights, he's met by Stella (wearing denim shorts, black socks, work boots, sports bra or tank top and black leather gloves) who immediately punches him hard in the face with a powerful right hook and a left hook.  The punches come without warning, and кnocкs him back into Rob's arms.  Rob (wearing shorts, black socks, sneakers, black t-shirt, sneakers and black leather gloves), grabs hold of him and кnocкs him out with a hold.  The scene fades to several minutes later.  Victim/Target is sitting in the chair and waking up while Rob and Stella are just finishing tying him up and securing the pillowcase over his head.

"Nothing personal...someone hired us to beat you up" Stella says casually.  The man tries to plead, but is cutoff and rebuffed by her.  "It's just a job" she says, adding "someone doesn't want to see your face, pumpkin head", and the man, knowing what that means, begs and pleads louder and more desperate.  "Beat him up" she tells Rob (in Russian with English subtitles if necessary).

Rob cuts off his pleading by beginning the attack, proceeding to punch him repeatedly in the face many, many times with mostly right and left jabs and crosses, making sure he does not fall out of the chair while Stella hangs back looking mostly at her phone and not really paying too much attention to what's happening.  (She's having Rob do the work for now.) Maybe she squats down with her back against the wall while still looking at her phone and only glancing over now and then as Rob batters his covered face with powerful, deliberate and methodical rights and lefts (jabs, crosses and uppercuts mostly, but a few hooks as well).  She could also be sitting on a couch with a leg pulled up to her chest.  Then Rob plows into his gut with a couple of rights with the man still sitting, and finally кnocкs him out of the chair with a powerful left or right hook.

The man moans and groans in agony on the floor, lots of bl... showing on the pillowcase.  Rob wastes little time lifting him up and shoving him against the wall.  Stella sits down in the chair (if not sitting on a sofa) and tells Rob to "keep beating him up."  Rob continues the attack with hard and purposeful rights and lefts to his face and body, and some knees in the chin.  Each time the man falls he picks him up, continues and sometimes holds him against the wall with one hand while hitting him with the other.  After a few falls to the floor, Rob sits the man against the wall and squats/kneels down over his legs and proceeds to pummel him some more in the face with quick hard jabs and crosses slamming his head back into the wall with each blow.  The pillowcase is getting pretty bl... soaked by now.

Stella finally puts her phone away and comes over.  She tells Rob to "stand him up and hold him" (in Russian with English subtitles is ok).  She delivers a series of powerful rights and lefts to his already battered face and body while Rob holds him firmly from behind.  She eventually кnocкs him out of Rob's hands to the floor.  Rob squats down and holds him in a sitting position from behind.  Stella squats down in front and pummels his very battered face with right and left jabs and crosses.

They get him up, put him against the wall and pound him more and more with various rights and lefts to his face and body, as well as some knees to his gut and chin, all the while keeping him from falling.  Finally they sit him back in the chair and hit him more in the face.  Rob holds him from behind while Stella pummels his face with more right and left crosses and jabs, finally кnocкing him out of the chair with a big roundhouse kick in the face.  They stand over him for a moment looking down admiring their work as he moans and groans in agony.  The pillowcase is nearly totally bl... soaked and they know his face is severely beaten and broken.  It's not at all the first time they've done this, and don't need to actually see his face to know they've done their usual excellent job.

Stella sits down in the chair and Rob raises his feet up to the seat of the chair between Stella's legs.  She holds his feet together by his ankles with his legs suspended in a (roughly) 45 degree angle.  "Shins or knees?" Rob asks (in Russian with English subtitles).  "Bust his kneecaps" Stella says (in Russian with English subtitles).  Rob does as told with two or more hard stomps (one or two each) to each kneecap.  The man shrieks in unimaginable agony.

Stella throws off his feet and gets up.  Rob stands over him, lifts him up several inches by the shirt with his left hand, and pumps three or four last right into his face.  Stella kicks him in the face.  They turn and leave....

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It's just her job nothing personal. Sasha and Rob join

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